Park City, Utah (Marriott Time Shares)

master suit Summit WatchMaster Suite

pool MarriottPool

firepit at Summit WatchFire-pit

Silver Nugget Marriott Time ShareOur building, Silver Nugget

viewOur village view

lock off Summit WatchLockoff/quest room


living room Park CityLiving & Dining Room with fireplace

pool Park City at the MarriottPool

Park City, Utah at Marriott's Summit Watch Time Share. This is a wonderful location. It's pretty, there's lots to do, the facility if very nice. There are many ways to stay in a Marriott Time Share. The most common and obvious way is to be an owner. When you're an owner you have options of staying in your home resort, or trading it through Interval International for a different location. In addition, Marriott has a new program where you buy Destination Points and use those to book your stay. Personally, I'm not a fan of the new system; the old system seems a better bang for your buck. Even with the 2 systems in place there are often still availabilities and non Marriott Time Share Owners can book stays at these wonderful facilities. Some facilities (generally during off seasons) allow exchanges to be made using Marriott Rewards Points. Marriott Rewards Points are separate from time shares. If you frequently stay in Marriott's while traveling for business or on family vacations you earn Marriott Rewards Points. If you have a Marriott Charge Card you earn more points. AND, you can also rent/pay for a vacation in a time share just as you would a regular hotel room.

The advantage of booking your vacation in a time share location is flexibility. Flexibility to not eat every meal out, which in the ends saves you money and often is far more relaxing. The kitchen facilities are quite good. Additionally, out door grills exists so it's easy to do a cook out. Depending on locations the facilities have laundry available either in the villa/condo or on site; thus making packing easier. You can bring less and throw a load in. The villas/condo's are roomy. This unit had a King bed in the Master suite and private bath, a sleeper sofa in the living room, a King bed and another sleeper sofa in the quest room with it's own private bath. The quest room has a limited kitchen. This arrangement is what is called a lock off, meaning you could rent/stay in either side if you don't need the whole unit. The lock off works well if you want coffee and rolls in the morning; but plan to eat big meals out. The fridge though is large enough to have lunch items on hand, and you do have room for whatever meat you might want to throw on the grill.

It was cool there in the mountains at night and so sitting around the fire-pit outside with a glass of wine in the evening was fabulous. This is a ski village. The Marriott Summit Watch is located right on Historic Main Street, with everything within walking distance. Another advantage of staying in a Marriott Time Share is there are activities for adults, for children, and or families right on site, making it easy for family vacations.

The history of Park City is mining, that is reflected in the style of the buildings. There is much to see and do here, and I'll be blogging about those in the coming posts. Please return to read about the ski lift, things for "girl time", mountain biking, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and more.

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