How to shop when you Travel (Park City Utah)

purple headbandTraveling and going on family vacations makes people happy. Being happy makes everyone want to remember. Most people like to buy souvenirs, something to remind them of the fun they had while on vacation....something to remind them of a particularly fun vacation spot. Yes, we hit t-shirt shops, but...that's not the best way I think to spend vacation dollars. I like to buy things I'll wear, and really use; not just a t-shirt advertising a location that will wear out soon. Here is an artistic craft item my Darling Daughter picked up. How cute is this! Firstly, it's purple...her signature color which assures it will go with almost everything in her wardrobe, it's handmade which supports a local artist. I'm always a fan of that. We were shopping in a fun, funky little shop in Park City, Utah called Olive & Tweed. I'm a crafter (knitting and crocheting), and so like to support fellow artists/crafters as does my DD.
Deana Albers poppy jasper stone necklaceI like to buy Christmas Tree ornaments, so each year when I decorate the tree I'm reminded of fun times on vacation. These don't say Park City, Utah; but I'll remember that's where I got them. For those who know me, they know I LOVE, naturally I couldn't resists. Picked up for a friend too. The golf bag...that's for hubby, he loves to play golf and in fact played 3 times there in Park City. Golf is very reasonably priced there for any of my readers who might consider going there. (I'll cover more about golfing there in another post, so please check back)
Christmas OrnamentsI LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping anytime there's an art festival while we travel. And, we were lucky enough to be in Park City when The Kimball Arts Festival was going on. In fact it was right outside our hotel. I purchased this hand made necklace from Deana Albers who traveled in from Bozeman, Montana for this popular art festival. This stone (please click to enlarge) is called Poppy Jasper Stone. Depending on what you where it can look reddish and black/ reddish and green. It's wonderful. I've already worn it twice and received compliments both times. I love the the claps, it slides and is one I can put on myself! Hubby's happy about that too. She had a wonderful display in her booth, all very high quality workmanship. Please look her up either HERE on her Esty page, or HERE on Facebook.
turquoise necklaceI also purchased Turquoise. The necklace and bracelet are made by a local artist, and went nicely with the scarf. I needed accessories for an up coming wedding. Why shop at the mall, or some store found anywhere USA? Buy local, buy from artist and crafters when you can. They make wonderful, long lasting pieces to cherish; as well as fabulous memories of your vacation. These items were purchased at Olive & Tweed, same fun and funky shop DD found her cute purple headband.
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  1. I totally agree to shop for Christmas presents etc in those small shops you run into while traveling. And getting crafty things is so great and make such great presents. Take care.

  2. Those are all great items! I love shopping for crafty things since every part of the country seems to have different things. Your necklace is very pretty!

  3. I absolutely agree. I never buy tee-shirts (at least not the ones with a town's name on them), but I have quite a few items in my house that remind me of the places we've gone: a nice plaque in my dining room, a set of decorated ceramic pumpkins for Halloween, a hand-carved wooden trinket box, potpourri, a set of "Grammy" and "Grampy" mugs that we bought when we first became grandparents, and even some really wonderful moisturizers that I found at a Mom & Pop bath store.

  4. I love little boutique shops, but I am not a big shopper - so the more unique and charming the better for me. The thought of spending a day at the mall when traveling is ugh! :)


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