Shakespeare in The Park

Schiller Park ProgramThe Scarlet Pimpernel, A MidSummer Night's Dream, and Oedipus Rex are the 3 plays being performed this summer in Schiller Park in German Village in Columbus Ohio by Actors Theatre. For 30 years Shakespeare's been performed in the is park. Through out the years we've enjoyed this wonderful free summer time entertainment. I've blogged several times about this marvelous park in German Village. I've discussed the history of the park, the wonderful flowers, the quotes, the statues. Truly it has something for everyone.

While we carried our cooler and lounge chairs to the stage area, we passed kids on bikes, kids on roller skates, people walking their dogs, people running for exercise, others just strolling. We saw people fishing in the pond, and guys playing basketball.

Summer travels don't have to require miles on your cars, heavy duty packing, or expensive airline tickets in order to have a good time. Have you taken advantage of the special summer time entertainment in your area? If not, why not?

What's more enjoyable then sitting in your lounge chair on a nice summer night, sipping wine, eating a picnic and then being entertained............for free! They do ask for donations during intermission, but really can't beat it. We missed seeing the performance of The Scarlet Pimpernel, really enjoyed A MidSummer Night's Dream, and are looking forward to Oedipus Rex.
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  1. This sounds like a great experience. My daughter wants to enroll in a program that does something like this.

    She loves theatre and is amazing (or at least we've been told).

    She's out tonight performing here locally, a trooper after she had an accident and ended up in a knee brace!


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