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Holiday Travel in Safety

Image you have one?  If not, why not?  Your really should.  You should have one in your home and should take one when you travel.  Particularly in this busy travel holiday season.  What is's a hand crank source to charge your cell phone, and a multi-selection flashlight.

Look at all the adapters you get...they come with the device so you're assured you have the right size to fit your phone, your GPS etc.  You can charge a device while using the device as a flashlight.  It has a bright reliable LED flashlight with even a flasher. 

Over loaded at the airport, travel delayed due to winter don't have to worry about not being able to charge your phone, or get to a plug in crowded conditions.  This little weight device measures 2 x 4 inches and can easily be carried in your purse, your brief case and or carry on luggage.

I purchased 3 of these through my Swag bucks membership and got a great deal.  The deal was a discounted price ...PLUS I earned Swag b…