Monday, January 28, 2013

Crazy Crab Hilton Head Island

 What to do when you've been out shopping in Harbour Town on your BIKE, and it starts raining?  Hubby says, "you hungry?"  Great plan, let's have lunch here instead of riding our bikes back to the condo (Marriott's Monarch), and maybe by the time lunch is over...the rain will be gone.  Normally riding a bike in the rain isn't a big deal.  Unless it's cold, which it wasn't.  But, I had just purchased a nice wool sweater and really didn't want to get the new sweater all wet in the ride back.  Doesn't the Bloody Mary look awesome?  It was!
 And how perfect is this?  Naturally a beachy place for lunch is the place to stop.  The Crazy Crab in Harbour Town isn't the only Crazy Crab on the Island; but this location is perfect for shopping, eating, and sight-seeing.
 The menu is quite diverse, from simple things like my Fish N Chips to Lobster.  The place really rocks at night, I'm told.  It's quite large with several different rooms.
 Now this is the best fish n chips I've ever eaten.  Truly.  Not the last bit greasy.  I'm not a lover of fish at all and enjoyed every bite.  The slaw was fabulous and even the tartar sause and cocktail sauce were special.  I highly recommend you put this on your must eat list.  Hubby had, I think blacken grouper which was also fabulous. 
When lunch was over, it was still raining a bit.  So the manager double bagged my new sweater to help me keep it dry while I made my way to the bike rack.    However, hubby had gone ahead and brought the car back.  He was already wet and being nice thought it silly for 2 of us to be wet, so I drove the car back and he road my bike back.  What a guy!

I've mentioned this restaurant in a previous post, from an earlier trip, HERE; but this is the first we've eaten.  It won't be the only time though.  We do plan to return.  It's family oriented, casual, but has a nice upscale menu for adults in the evening.  Service was excellent.

*next Menu Monday is February 3, 2013.*

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