Saturday, April 20, 2013

Reason to Take Vacations

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Do you take a vacation to relax?
To recreate?

To research
To rejuvenate?  Sorry, can't show a picture of a massage.
Would you settle for a scarey facial picture?  Don't make me laugh it'll crack!

Do you vacation to enjoy Restaurants?
Deciding which R word is the most important to you and those in your traveling entourage is the key ingredient for successful planning.  If you're a person who likes to be on the go doing and seeing constantly a quiet, relaxed resort is probably not going to make for an enjoyable vacation.  Obviously the reverse also is an issue.  Finding a location with balance is the key if people in your entourage like to do different things.
  • Example, years ago hubby and I traveled in large groups for winter vacations/ski trips.  Right there is the key, I was going on vacation which to me means to chill out, they were all going on a ski trip and that's all they were interested in doing.  They didn't want to explore what else was in the area, they didn't want to sight see, they didn't want to sleep in.  They wanted to be the first and last on and off the ski lift.  The compromise was I didn't ski everyday, I did other things and then we would collect back up for cocktails before dinner.
  • Now days, hubby and I like to travel alone (unless DD is able to join us).  Far less complicated.  He can golf, I can do my thing and we can pick days to do things together.  Balancing all those R's...makes for a great vacation.
Discuss and plan a bit before hand, don't assume everyone's idea of what vacation is is the's not.  What are you reasons for wanting to go on vacation?

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  1. I love museums but sometimes I like to rest too. I like your last bullet point for vacations with the husband. We don't always agree on where to go.

    Chontali Kirk

  2. Thanks for the visit C.Kirk. It's nice to have alone and together time.

  3. My partner and I love to take trips. We don't call them vacations since we're both retired.

    Fortunately we enjoy the same things: exploring, learning about the culture, meeting the people, soaking it all up. So, we like to stay in a place for awhile to have time to experience it. That makes us "bad" cruisers where we're only in port for a few hours and then have to move on.

    Thanks for this piece. I'm looking forward to reading more.


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