Thursday, May 2, 2013

Historic Maplewood's Saratoga's Bowling Lanes in Missouri

St. Louis Missouri is a most unique city with many different sections and very different neighborhoods.  There are in fact, 79 different neighborhoods listed on official records.  One area is Maplewood.  The historic area of Maplewood is fun and interesting place to spend a day.  There many shops, cafe's and area's of interest.  We did not see a shopping mall, but cute, unique and old school shops as well as newly formed shops to visit.

Walking down the main street you see these historic markers for landmarks along the way.  Notice the sidewalk isn't plain ordinary concrete.  Saratoga Lanes is the oldest bowling alley of it's kind west of The Mississippi River.  It's been in existence since 1916.  This small, 8 lane upstairs bowling alley is truly old school.  There are pencils and paper to keep your score, not electronic flashing screens posted on the walls.  It's located at 2725 Sutton Blvd, Maplewood Missouri 63143.  It's often rented out for corporate and birthday parties.  It has been designated a National Registered Historic Place.

You can bring your own food, or have your event catered; as food isn't served...though snacks are available in vending machines.  You do need to purchase beverages there.  It is highly suggested you book your event or your game well in advance, as it's quite popular and books up early.  In addition to bowling you can shoot pool.

Reviews I read indicate it's quite smokey there, but I wonder if that was before St. Louis got up with the rest of country with smoking bans in public spaces.

I'm sorry we didn't go in, and actual see the place; but it was raining and I very quickly took this photo with the thought I'd look at it later, so didn't actually even read it between the rain drops.  There will be other trips though, so may re-visit this site.

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