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How Heavy is Your Luggage?

S;potted this cute item on Facebook the other day and thought I'd share with you all.  Thanksgiving maybe over....but the sentiment follows us right through the New Year when everyone breaks their resolutions about dieting, lol.

Did you travel for Thanksgiving?  It's the busiest travel time of the year.  We don't as 90+% of the family is here; which means others travel here.

 Do you carry on if you fly?  Do you find it hard to pack light enough you can lift the suitcase easily over your head to overhead compartments?  Will you be traveling for Christmas and or New Years?  Do yourself and the rest of your fellow travelers a favor.  Weigh your suitcase.  Seriously weigh it empty folks you'll be amazed how heavy it is.  These are 2 brand new light weight suitcases that can probably save you about 10 pounds!
10 pounds is huge when you're packing, whether it be for your carry on, or your checked luggage.  These are both Delsey, though from 2 different sets; just happen…