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Carry On Lugguage, A-Z Challenge

What's all the Fuse about Carry On's? (or any of 28 blog posts on California)
Another A-Z post.  This piece of luggage (with wheels) is called a carry on.  But, in reality I know and you do too there's no way that's going to fit underneath the seat in front of me.  AND yet, I constantly see people with suitcases larger then this one trying to push and squeeze it into the overheads.  Some are so large they can't even make it down the isle with them.  Why do the airlines not enforce the real size?

How does a luggage company call something a carry on, when in fact the size of said carry on is not uniform, it is in fact determined by the individual airlines.  Some airlines say a carry on can't weight more then 11 pounds.  11=6.8=4.2.  Keep in mind unless all you put in this size suitcase is hose and underwear........there's no way it's not going to weight more then 4.2 pounds.  AND this carry on is a good 3 pounds lighter then most.  I checked out about 15 different models, styles, and makers recently.

Some airlines say a carry on should not be larger then 40-45-50 inches total.  I found 3 different parameters when looking through American Airlines, Southwest, and Delta's webpages.  What does then mean, not total more then 40-45-or 50 inches?  L+W+H.  American Airlines specifically gives these dimensions 22 x 14 x 19.  If you add 22+14+19 you get 45.  In centimeters they list 56x36x23.  Another website indicates 10 x 16 x 24.  Those measurements total 50.  But, get out your yard stick and see how small those measurements actually are.  And yet we constantly see duffels and suitcases so large it takes 2 grown men to lift it in the overhead and takes up 2 or 3 spaces.  I don't think this should be permitted.  Heavy plans use more fuel, more fuel makes the need to raise the cost of tickets.  Why should the traveler not toting a heavy too large carry on help to pay for those who do not abide by the rules? makes loading the plan slower.

A carry on should a few items you need or want to have with you during the flight, NOT your weeks worth of need to check that bag.  Think about it next time you travel.  Get your tape measure out and actually measure your bag.  Weight it, see how far beyond 11 pounds you are.

I measured 3 different "carry on's" here at the house.  Bags that look more like a brief case and they're all in the 17 x 5 x 15 range.  They don't have wheels and I doubt most of them would fit under the seat.  Seems the airlines need to re-define what is a carry one.  Perhaps there should be categories, those with bags that fit under the seat free, those that use up valuable cargo above charge them, perhaps less then a checked bag...but, that would be a more equitable arrangement.  Pay for what you use.  I often opt for a canvass Zip back I can stuff under the seat and easily carry.

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  1. I have to admit, this one drives me crazy...that's a C for you! I hate it when someone uses up all the overhead then the people with one small bag have to put it at their feet. Drives me ....C!

  2. I always have to decide whether to carry on or check. Hate checking but also hate lugging a carry on!

  3. It really depends on the airline. Air New Zealand not only makes sure it fits into a sample container, they also weigh it. So do many of the European airlines we have been on.

  4. Most airlines I've been on do enforce the rule. If it doesn't fit in the bin, it has to go underneath. Many airports have the little gadget that measures the bag at the ticket station.

    But we all have our pet peeves.

    An A-Z participant
    Writer’s Mark

  5. This is a really interesting concept and probably very volatile among many travelers. We tend to prefer to use carry on bags rather than checking in our luggage but I also think that we use smaller bags rather than some of those border line options that you see folks taking.

    I know that easyJet over in Europe are one of those that are particularly strict - low cost airlines have to make their profits from making passengers pay for checking in luggage, I guess it's just how and if you can play the system!

    Great post by the way, looking forward to following you as a fellow participant in the A to Z Challenge!

  6. Carry ons - the bane of a travellers life!
    I fancy a rolling carry on but know full well it will be too cumbersome and unwieldy so will stick to the bag I've used for years now. It has sides that unzip, one that opens flat with high sides and can be used for clothes (complete with securing belts like you have in a suitcase) plus a large middle section. Know what it will hold and know as it's soft sided will fit under the seat so is accessible during the flight. Oh and has a 'thing' that hooks over the handle of my rolling suitcase.
    Oh yes carry ons are a problem for the frequent flier - but I also feel that many airlines cause that problem as we'll.
    Take care

  7. So true, so true. I have seen so many of the instances you've written about in this post. I can't help but laugh as I read along...

  8. I use to only check my bag even when it was the right size and weight for a carry on simply because I didn't like the hassle. Not so much anymore. I'm on the look out for a new carry on right now and it's hard to pick the right one for both international and domestic.
    Great post and thanks for stopping by my site. Looking forward to the rest of the challenge!

  9. I finally got fed up with the carry-on hassle and started checking my bag all the time, even though it costs me extra. I'm so much more relaxed as a result! I still have my essentials in a manageable back pack, and a book and my laptop (of course!) but I never worry about the overhead bins anymore.
    I think a lot of people would be happier travelers if they did this too. :)

  10. Kirsten, I agree with you. I've never done a carry on instead of checking, I take just what I want on the plane with me in something small enough to put under the seat.


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