Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wrapping Up Another Week with A-Z on Easter Sunday

Since it's Easter Sunday, thought I'd share this photo taken in Barcelona at Sagrada Familia.

Another week has been completed by lots of bloggers in the anual A-Z Challenge in April.  I appreciate all who've come by read and left comments.  I've returned all.........except a few who have the blogs set to only accept people signed in with Disgus, Google+, and or Facebook.  It's a bit frustrating.  Joining a huge linky with currently over 2,000 members (and was more initially) then making it difficult or impossible for people to leave you comments.  That defeats the entire purpose of the linky and the challenge.  What I wonder from time to time is...they join, knowing they will not be returning visits and comments, therefore they don't care that they've closed their blogs to a large percentage of people.  They still get the traffic...because you don't know you can't leave a comment until you've taken the time to visit and read their get the traffic.  They won't be visiting you back, because you can't leave a comment.  Or is it not intentional and they simply don't understand?  One has to set ones blogs settings, so me thinks it's intentional.  How bout you all?

It's like sending someone an invitation to come to your house, and when they come knocking on your door; you don't answer it.  I do think as soon as those sites are visited by the hosts and the minions they should be deleted from the linky.

Last Sunday I asked that people please not leave the google+ page, that they leave the url to their actual blog, thank you to those that have changed. The same problem exists for those of us with multiple blogs, if I leave my google signature/ie my blogger dashboard you go to my profile page where you need to sort through my 5 blogs to see which one to visit, then hope it's the one signed up for a-z....though it's a bit more straight forward then the google+ pages it still puts the onerous on the visitor which I believe isn't quite the way it ought to be.  The blogger is the one that should take on the responsibility of making the path to his or her blog OPEN and EASY and QUICK.

Name and url (to your actual blog) is by far the easiest to me, but many don't like to have the setting available as you also have to have the anonymous option with it.  So then the next option is the hyper-link.  Many don't know how to make one, so they leave a cut and paste of the url to the blog...they're trying, but it's not a live link.  Here's how you make a live link...a hyperlink.

Alex Cavanaugh
Arleen Bird
ATarkabarka Holgy
Bob Sanchez
Carolyn Branch
Cascadian Nomands Bethany
Chris Boothman
Christine Rains
Corinne Vail
Daidri Smythe
Heather Gardner
Heather Musk
Jaimie Ramsey
jenna,Mark Draddy
Kate @Another Clean Slate
Leslie Melby
Lila Asnani
Liz A
looking for a view
Meandering Mind
Millie Burns
Nancy LaRonda Jackson
Natalie Bowers
Nilanjana Bose
Paige Rion
perspective of a writer
Preethi Venugopal
Rhonda Albom
Rikaine Hernadez
sean@His And Her Hobbies
Spacer Guy
Sue Kuentz
Sue McPeak
Susan leighnoble
Susan Scott
Suzanne Sapsed
Troy Miles
vanilla ban
Veronica Sicoe
Welcome to my World of Verse
Zoe Byrd

 **After the close of April's A-Z, I plan to continue to write a post a day in the month of May using again the A-B-C's as my guide. My focus for the month of May will be Spain. I've been planning and almost have every letter thought out. If others are interested in continuing to blog daily using our A-B-C's, please let me know. We could start a linky and continue what we've begun during April. I don't imagine it will be anywhere near the scope of the annual April Challenge. But, if you're interested, please let me know in your comment. And even if you're not up for another blog challenge, do stop back in, I have much to share from recent travels to Spain.**


  1. This A to Z challenge has been a real learning curve for me - if only to learn how to leave my link in a comment box lol I think a lot of people are shy of making their blog public and inviting comment and then are sitting scratching their heads wondering why nobody is leaving a comment! Thanks to this challenge I'm getting a lot braver and look forward to advertising my blog to my own community soon.

    I'm not sure about committing to another month, but I'm really interested to see your posts on Spain - I'm heading to the Bilbao area for a few days at the end of August … We were there last year and just loved it … and then we'll head up to France for some gigs and some visiting time with friends.
    Delighted to have met you and I look forward to following along on your adventures :) and I'll think about May :)
    Happy Easter
    Fil at Fil's Place - Old songs and Memories

    1. Your trip sounds wonderful, will be anxious to hear all about it on your return. Happy Easter and thank you for the visit. Glad you learned how to do the hyperlink thingy. It really is helpful.

  2. Sandy, You are working hard! I would love to do another bunch of posts, but May is just too soon for I'll be moving. I'll definitely be reading your Spain posts and plan to do a bunch of my own in the next few weeks!


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