Thursday, May 1, 2014

Arc de Triomf, Triumphal Arch Catalonia

As promised, it's May and I'm starting my blogging about Spain, in alphabetical order...of course.  Arc de Triomf (Triumphal Arch) built for the 1888 World's Fair Entrance.  This photo taken from a distance shows you how wide the promenade is.
The arch was used again in 1929 during the 2nd World's Fair held in Barcelona (Catalonia), as well as The Olympics in later years.  It's built to resemble similar arches in Rome by Joseph Vilasecai Casanovas.  The expansive promenade is perfect place to walk, run, ride bikes, and stroll with a baby carriage.  The sun was warm, bringing everyone out locals and tourists.  It covers an 118 hectares (291.58 acres and is within walking distance to Parc de la Ciutudella on Passeig de Lluis.

The details of color, and sculptures is breathtaking.  Look how small the people walking nearby look....Please click to enlarge so you can fully appreciate this beautiful site.

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  1. Sandy, Barcelona is beautiful! We walked through the arch and not too far on the other side were just a bunch of street musicians and people dancing...Everyone was dancing! We joined in, even my 80 year old father-in-law! What a blast!

  2. Awesome, we felt the same when there. People and food were great!

  3. Can't wait to learn about Spain. Must admit I don't know much and will be visiting a few parts of it in the fall.

  4. I wonder how many cities across the world have a similarly styled arch. They are so gorgeous. Barcelona is a place I would enjoy visiting. I am so used to the Chicano culture here in California, when I listen to Spaniards speaking Spanish it sounds so different! I first learned Castillian Spanish in New Jersey, now I am sure when I speak I sound much more like a Mexican or Central American with a bit of Norteamericana thrown in. Thanks for taking us along for your visit to Spain!

  5. Looking forward to your May theme, Sandy! I intend to get all the information from you and plan for a future trip to Spain.

    ilakshee from

  6. Hi Sandy - it'll be fun to travel along and see where you take us - Spain seems a very good starting point .. cheers Hilary

  7. Wow! What a good idea and great way to share your photos and trip!


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