Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fuengirola, Spain

This photo is from Wiki, though we passed this several times on the free way going to and from Malaga from Marbella, Spain; we never managed to have time to stop and tour.  It was on our list of places to see........and is still for the next time we get there.

Info is also from Wiki, though I hope to learn more fist hand when we do get to visit.

This is located in is F in our a-z travels.  However the name of the castle is Sohail Castle.  This area is very old with a huge long history.

  • Originally a Phoenician Settlement
  • Later occupied by The Romans and was known as Suel in the first century
  • The castle was built by Abd-ar-Rahman, III in the mid 10th century.  
  • The community of Suel was not mentioned at the beginning of middle ages.
  • Centuries later it was known as Suhayl, during the Morrish era.  Al-Suhayli lived there 1114-1185(meaning man of Suhayl), he was one of the 7 saints of Marrakesh.
  • Later a fire destroyed the village and people fled to nearby Mijas...another city we passed by often on the freeway.  This was the early middle ages and was then known as Font-Jirola by the Romans.
  • By 1485 only the fortress remained and the area like others fell to The Christian Monarchs during the final phase of Reconquista (reconquest).
  • An attempt to re-populate the area with 30 people failed and by 1511 it was listed as un-inhabited except for the fortress and the watch tower.
  • In the 18th century after the danger of Turkish and Moorish Pirates past an Inn was opened for travelers.
The Fireplace.  The being the key word.  There is only this one fireplace in all of La Alhambra. La Alhambra is in Granada Spain. This was built/added by Fernando of Aragon (King of Sicily) when he brought his bride, Isabel heirness to the Crown of Castile to Alhambra on their honeymoon.  Though I found very little about this fireplace during my research, the auto guide we had told this story.  Isabel was born 1451 and died in 1504.  Fernando was born 1452 and died 1516.  He became King of Sicily in 1468 and married Isabel in 1469.  Isabel became Queen of Castile and Aragon in 1474 with Fernando co-ruler.  We toured Al Alhambra on a very cool spring day (late March 2014).  We were cold, and wondered how anyone kept warm there those many many years ago.  In my research I learned that Isabel and Fernando lived in The Alhambra after the conquest of the city.   They did some re-decorating, but left The Palace un-altererd.

Columbus discovered America remember in a point of reference.  There will be far more to blog about with regards to Al Alhambra; but...thought I'd put the little tidbit about the fireplace in today.

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  1. THE fireplace, huh? That's terribly fascinating. Such rich history... I could spend years there, just soaking it all in. If the cheese wasn't quite so salty, I probably would. Guess that means I'd need to brush up on my Spanish, eh?

  2. Crystal were just weren't there long enough and so long to go back. There is so much to see, and history is so deep and rich. Some of the cheese isn't salty, but stay away from olives, they sure are.

    1. Noted. That's definitely one place on our "to do" list.

  3. Sandy, I love the Alhambra, and everything Ferdinand and Isabella! Granada is such a beautiful place. Love it!

  4. Definitely makes you wonder if THE fireplace did any real good at keeping them warm. If not, they at least had bragging rights and a romantic ambience there!

  5. Sandy when you left a comment on my posts today, your signature "Sandy at the Traveling suitcase" took me to a blog entitled Penchant for Pens and when I click on the picture by your name it gives me a page that says unavailable. But I do have you in my Feedly reader so that i know how to find you

  6. I always enjoy history about Isabel and Fernando and to see the 'Fireplace' is amazing and astonishing that it is still there today. Old World countries are fascinating, and Spain ranks right up there as the one I would love to travel. Neat information.

    Again, thank you for your great comment on the Dish/Tea Towel post. It's so true that there are few left who even know the difference between the ones that leave lint and the ones that don't. I must say, though that the new micro-fiber is lint and gets those dishes dry and shiny.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  7. Huh. That's pretty cool.

    Thank you for your support.

  8. I can see why you so loved your trip. You are such a history buff and this place is so rich in history and traditions.


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