Sunday, August 5, 2018

Packing for Ease of Travel

This piece of luggage is called The Ghost Cruiser from REI. It's the luggage I took to Ireland and Scotland last fall (those posts were interrupted on this blog, by me during a blogging lapse). It weighs only 5 pounds empty and is a 27 inch rolling...duffel of sorts.
Trying to show the two openings here.  It's main compartment and a smaller top zip compartment.  It has a good study handle, and stand which keeps it upright nicely.
Empty insides show you two side pockets that zip that are good for a pair of shoes, or misc under things.  I am able to put a sandal and a dress shoe(flats) in each pocket.  I find not putting the pair together is helpful.  The sandals obviously are smaller and compact better than a dress flat, so one of each works well.  I've also been able to put panties, and footies in each of those compartments along with the shoes.  Additionally a top flat pocket with zip works well for file folders, rain gear, or jacket you want to have quick access to; as well as a dress you might not want to scrunch.
All of that packed nicely in above suitcase for a recent 2 week trip to Park City, Utah.  Notice 4 packing cubes, Zip lock bag of coffee, zip lock bag of yarn, ditty bag (red), zip lock bag of cooking spices (which I don't take on tours like Ireland, but do when we go to a timeshare vacation).  A few misc items like a hat, umbrella, and rain coat folded in a zip lock bag, and a Martini shaker (also not something I take on tour, lol).

Please notice the green cube, 2nd from the right.  It's the largest of the 4 you see and it contained 2 flare skirts, 2 dresses with flare skirts, 7 sleeves dress tops, 1 t-shirt, 1 bra and a handful of panties and footies.

Now I can't recommend this luggage, because they no longer make it, but they do have some that are similar.  REI (an outdoor store with excellent equipment fully guaranteed).  We've belonged to the co-op for years.  So even though you might blink at the cost of their equipment, it's very high quality that they stand behind....and as a member, you get annual dividends.  

I like a suitcase I can lift.  It's not possible to worry about weight with this suitcase.  You can't put 50 pounds in it.  I'm sorry it's no longer made, because both hubby and I have been very pleased with our purchase.

I plan to to use this suitcase again later this year when we go touring again in Europe, this time Italy.

**I highly recommend using packing cubs.  Different colors is helpful too.  Perhaps I'll go into more detail on that in a different post.  

***I should also mention all the above weighted 39 pounds...well beneath the 50 pound limit, which includes several things I purchased while there, including an extra pair of shoes.


  1. Packing can be an art form.
    My partner takes extended trips overseas every couple of years. Leaving the country his bag weighs twenty kilos or less. Coming home is a different issue.

  2. I must check out the packing cubes - we spend a lot of our lives in suitcases so I'm always looking for new ideas. Great to find your blog and thanks for coming by mine today:) I'm looking forward to your tour of Italy, top of my list of places I really want to visit.


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