Monday, October 8, 2018

Day 2 Continued, Meeting up with the Tour Group

 Day 2 Continued.......we met up with our tour director Francis Touschek and the other 38 members of our group.  (we had a full coach). We boarded the coach and went for a group dinner at Amedeo where Francis gave us some history, and a few organization items needed for the tour.  Dinner was ok, not as good as what we had the night before; but it was fun getting to know a few people.  Names are hard to remember (I thought that last year in Ireland), so decided this year I would make notes. These are pictures from their website, as we forgot to get a picture while there.

We dinnered with Jeanie and Earl and their friends Sharon and Bill.  Others were at our table but at the other end of the table so hard to chat much.  The 4 of them traveled together.......knew each other from high school days; but no longer live in the same town.  I believe I had eggplant something from memory and red wine.  We board the coach to return to the hotel. 

Half the group returned to hotel, meanwhile the rest of us opted for our first optional experience (add on) for a night tour of Rome.  Yes, my eyes are closed...and I was sleepy...though that's not why my eyes were closed.  I do that often in pictures unknowingly.  Mostly we were on the coach, but for about 10 minutes here for photo's at St. Peter's Basilica at night without the hoards of people.  Tour was about 1.5 hours long and cost 19 Euro's per person.  In retrospect, going back and going to bed might have been a better option.  We really didn't see much at night, and most of what he said then he repeated later on our tour.

So, if you're looking to take Insights Italian Escape Tour, I would not recommend the first optional called Rome by Night.  Two fold, most of the group arrived that day and still hadn't had a decent nights sleep.  While we had arrived the day before, we were still very tired. And secondly, the info he gave us that night was repeated, as I mentioned above.  So, really nothing missed if you opted not to do the first optional.


  1. What fun. A trip of a lifetime. Well it would have been for me.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

    1. You are absolutely right Comedy. Italy has been on my bucket list and each day we shook our head and said, can you believe we're here. It was wonderful. Thanks for the visits.

  2. Thanks Sandy for stopping by this month and leaving a comment! I am going to begin blogging again. What a wonderful tour you took! I did one years ago in Germany, unforgettable! My niece lives in Italy and gives private tours of Rome. Someday I would love to go. Your photos are wonderful so far!


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