Thursday, October 4, 2018

Rome, Piccolo Abruzzo - First Meal!

I was pretty excited here......even though exhausted after our 21+ hours of getting to Rome.  We had to re-route our flight that would have gone from Columbus, Ohio to Charlotte, NC to Rome (about 12 hours total) to Columbus to Philly to London to Rome.  LONG and tiring flight, but we arrived at our hotel in Rome (Hotel Romanico Palace), see previous post about 7:30 Monday night vs arriving about 9:45 that morning.  The hotel referred us to Piccolo Abruzzo (they also have a facebook page) that was about 3.5 block walk from the hotel.  

It was fantastic!!  Like eating in someone's dining room.  The owner greeted us, and ran back and forth from the kitchen.  Have never been served my dinner in the pan it was cooked in and different and oh was it yummy.  And yes it was bad hair after the 3 flights.

Close up my meal with a wonderful salad that Ernie and I shared.
ERnie's meal, he said it was wonderful!!  Then we had desert followed by Limoncello that was quite refreshing.  We were ready to head out to go to bed at the hotel when they began serving the large family group next to us (from the largest pan I've ever seen).  They scoped us out each a small plate of it, so we try it also.  We were stuffed, but managed to eat every bite.  Homemade pasta and fresh ingredients in their so good.
We kept the business card our hotel front desk gave us.  Really didn't want to forget where we had this fabulous meal.

And with that we closed out our first night in Rome, tired, excited and very full.


  1. Your meal looks heavenly. I would have loved to join you.

    I added you to my feed too so I'll know when you post new content.

    Nice meeting you Sandy.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

    1. Awesome, and thanks for the add. Good to meet you as well.


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