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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chillicothe, Ohio

Chill uh kaw thee....say it with me. Many people don't know how to pronounce it. I love visiting Chillicothe, it's old and I like old things and places..

I traveled to Chillicothe the other day with my Dad to tend to some business still related to my Mother's death. We took care of some cemetery arrangements.

While there we again visited The historic and haunted Cross Key's Tavern(did you miss reading it when I posted, check it out now then) for lunch. Across the street from the tavern is the courthouse. It's a beautiful building, as old small town courthouses tend to be. With a neat clock in the tower seen for a good distance away.
Chillicothe, Ohio CourthouseChillicothe was named from Shawnee, Chalahgawtha meaning principal town. The town was plotted by Nathaniel Massie. It was the first and third capital of the state. It's the county seat, and is the largest city in the Ross County.
Historic MarkerIn ancient times, the Hopewell Indians inhabited the land. More recently, it was home to The Shawnee tribe. Chillicothe was the state's capital as it came into the union; from 1803-1810. For a brief year, the capital was moved to Zanesville; but in 1812 returned to Chillicothe. In 1816 the capital was moved to a more central location; Columbus.

Chillicothe has a very rich and interesting history. A large and active underground Railroad area with many strong abolitionist in the area. It was home to a large Free Black Population as well. Famous people like Lucy Ware Webb, wife of President Hayes was born there. Camp Sherman with a huge history of it's own was in Chillicothe. Early pictures of Chillicothe show how important it was during the canal days. Then there's the haunted history of the famous Majestic Theatre, the hiking, fishing, the infamous fire.......but wait; those stories are for another time.

I encourage you all to take a day trip, travel to Chillicothe and enjoy yourselves. Tell em, Sandy sent ya.Add to Technorati Favorites
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  1. Such a lovely little town! I remember your post on the haunted tavern before. Chillicothe sounds like a wonderful place to visit.

    Thanks for requesting Flat Milo and Flat Alfie give a history lesson of their town on their blog today. It was very interesting and I enjoyed it very much!

  2. Hi Sandy
    If I go, I will be sure to tell them Sandy sent me.!
    Very intersting

  3. What an amazing and interesting location.Just in time for halloween also.

  4. I wonder if Chillicothe, MO was named by white settlers from around Chillicothe, OH or by Shawnees, who moved across the Mississippi after being driven off their native lands by American settlers? I realize that what has happened to the Indians in the past was in accordance to our Heavenly Father's will, but I sure hate how shamefully many of our nations forefathers acted towards them along the way.

  5. That town sounds lovely. I like old and well-cared places. You can find really nice people in small towns. Sorry to hear about your mom.

  6. Never heard of it. Sounds like a quiet little spot. The courthouse is beautiful.

    I see you changed up the blog colors a little...I like it.

  7. Fishhawk an interesting question; off the top of my head I think I would say no, I don't think the Shawnee moved westward, the western tribes I believe were different. But, you're taxing my knowledge/memory of that history and so I'll do some exploring later and see what I come up with up.

    Thanks for noticing the color change Shelly, seems most appropriate.


  8. Apparently Chillicothe, Missouri was named after Chillicothe, Ohio. One of it's principal citizens came from Chillicothe, Ohio. The word is indeed a Shawnee word; but I didn't find anything indicating Shawnee had moved that direction.

    Chillicothe, Ohio is a much older town than Chillicothe, Missouri.


  9. If we ever get back to Ohio to visit his family maybe we can check this area out. I love historical towns.

  10. There is so much history in S Ohio. I have enjoyed learning a lot of it while hiking the North Country Trail. Hey, Nathaniel Massie turned up in one of my posts
    How odd. I know he was important in Ohio, but who would expect his name to pop up in two blogs in the same month?

  11. Ah! This is really touching, would like to read more stuff like this.

  12. Wow! This is simply a great idea. Reading it has inspired me to become a traveler soon. I have read numerous travel blogs but yours is simply superb!

  13. Loving your blog! Would love to visit Ohio, infact any place in the USA

  14. I appreciate the kind words about Chillicothe. It's my hometown and my father's family can be traced in Ross County to the late 1700s. It is a beautiful, historic small town. As I live and visit other parts of the country, I see other towns spending a lot of money and energy trying to re-create what Chillicothe naturally has. enjoy!

  15. Anonymous...would love ya to come back often, leave your name, link to your blog if you have one, if not you could add your email.

    I have a warm place in my heart for Chillicothe too.


  16. Chuck's car knows the way to Chillicothe by itself. He goes there on business often. Little town big!

  17. Perhaps we should go and spend the day next time he's due there?

    If he's in one spot...we could drop him off?



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