Westminster Hall & Burial Grounds, Baltimore Maryland

A Gothic style church built over a old cemetery. Because of the building over the cemetery there are catacombs. What? Tour a cemetery? This is a very historic graveyard with a large list of who's who in Baltimore history. James McHenry signer of The Declaration is buried here. Many Veterans of The War of 1812, as well as The Revolutionary War. But, the most famous probably is Edgar Allen Poe. Poe, famous for "The Raven", and "Tell-Tale Heart", along with his family take center stage.

At the age of 40, Poe died of mysterious causes. The year 1849. That's not the end of mysteries though with regard to Mr. Poe. Every year on his birthday, Jan 19th a mysterious visitors comes to his grave and leaves 3 roses and a half bottle of Cognac. No one knows who the mysterious visitor is. The 3 roses are said to be left for Poe, his wife, and his mother-in-law.

There are tours both of the graveyard and the catacombs; however when we were there everything was closed for restoration. I was sooooooooo disappointed. Halloween is a special time there, so if you're in the area and your brave enough to go....Be Ware!

Westminster Hall & Burial Grounds
509 W. Fayette Street
the corner of Greene and Fayette.

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  1. Sounds like a great, but creepy place to visit! But I guess that would be a good place to visit around Halloween, like you suggested. That's too bad that everything was closed for restoration when you visited. I hate when that happens!

  2. great post and story. I always like to learn unexpected things about authors. Seems like the mysterious tales just about fit Poe's personality! {:-D

  3. Old cemetaries are spooky but so interesting. Very interesting about Poe too. Hopefully you'll get the chance to visit again after the resorations are complete.

  4. I do envy you and your husband...having the time of your life traveling to all those beautiful places...when I was In the US in 96, I planned to do what you are now doing...travel by land across continental US...never got to doing it because of my work...someday, I hope I still can, and I shall make good use of the pointers and the nice places you've mentioned in several of your posts....cheers!

  5. Very interesting! Now I know where Poe is buried. Never knew that before now. Thanks! Sorry it was closed for restoration. You'll just have to visit again some day.

    Friends 4 Life!

  6. I'm not in the aria and I'm not sure if I would be brave enough :-)

    On the contrary: I'm in Norway and since you love travelling; I would love to invite you to the Oslo Blog Gathering 2010!

  7. I remember a show I saw at a friends house when I was in THIRD GRADE... (my mom NEVER would have let me watch it!) ...a girl is making "rubbings" of headstones when she sees what looks like "death"... a robed being with no face. She runs away and he keeps following. Finally she gives up and is scared to death as it approaches. Then the arm lifts and she looks down, to see her necklace had dropped and "death" had picked it up and was giving it back. I was SO SCARED seeing this that I never wanted to go near a graveyard after. Funny your post made me think of that TV show!

  8. I wouldn't mind visiting and touring a cemetery. Especially if someone as great as Edgar Allan Poe is buried there. I would even have to take a photo of myself beside his grave! :D

  9. I know how interesting a cemetary can be just from visiting one with you. This one seems worthy of its very own holiday...


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