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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Train Travel

Thomas the Train BookTraveling by train. Yes, actually I've done that. Some years back in Canada with a group of 14 on a ski trip. We did have a sleeping compartment, and...oh wait. That's a post for another time. lol Today, we're traveling by train...Thomas The Train. Look at the expression, he is most certainly traveling somewhere in his imagination. This cutie LOVES all things related to trains and can tell you all the names of Thomas The Train's friends. We hadn't gotten to give him his Christmas presents until a few nights ago.
Thomas the Train PuzzleThis fun large puzzle show's Thomas The Train chugging along, and the flip side of the puzzle can be colored. How cool is that? So cool, he decided hanging upside to show his excitement was a good idea.
Thomas the Train Coloring PuzzleEven coloring, it's hard to catch still enough to get a picture, thus the blur. The special wipe off crayons come with the puzzle.

I think he's traveling to the Island of Sodor to conjure up excitement with Percy, James, and Gordon and friends. Perfect indoor travel for the cold winter months. Right now, we've got about a foot of snow on the ground, (sadly, that makes me think of cold homeless folks). So, indoor train travel is perfect!
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  1. What a cutie! Looks like he's having fun traveling by train!

  2. I never thought indoor train travel would be a whole lot exciting! Hehehe!

    This is amusing!

  3. I don't like traveling by train usually but sometimes it makes for a good adventure.

  4. My nephews adore Thomas the Train. My husband and I took a train several years ago on our one - and only - vacation (Amtrack). I'd grown up riding the rails, but hubby had never been on one. To me, it's a far less stressful way to travel (especially now). At the end of the trip, he announced that if we ever went anywhere again it would be by train...sure works for me :o)

  5. This kid seems very naughty and cute...he must be having fun thanks...

  6. Ahhh. Thomas. We used to be into him, lol. I would love to travel somewhere by train. I've been on a train but never for more than a couple hours. I want to do a couple nights. Where can I do that?

    I'm thinking about the cold homeless too. I have three hats done and will send when I get up to 5.

  7. nice post. I like the kid. He is just like in my blog too. so cute..

  8. Hello
    That kid looks so cute and innocent.Thanks for such nice post.Well I like to travel in train and I do enjoy.Thanks..

    r4 revolution for ds

  9. Thanks Shelly, try
    Canada for train travel.

  10. I too have a little Thomas addict in my life! Great shots.

    Vivian is Virtual
    VIA Rail's tour guide

  11. Back in college i loved to travel by train with my friends, it was a lot of fun. Now I prefer the car it's more comfortable; also, i have more luggage to carry around.

  12. He certainly is a handsome little guy and looks like he's having a ball. Our Nate is a big Thomas The Train fan and a couple years back we took him to see the train museum on a caboose and train station and they had a Thomas The Train there and he had a ball just watching it go around the track.

  13. My son loves Thomas but its a pity we don't have many long distance trains where I live. Luckily there is a toy store not far away if we need more thomas!

  14. That kid is cute. Nothing better than books and puzzles for kids, far better for them then all the new age battery operated stuff.


  15. I rode a passenger train from Nuevo Laredo to Mexico City back in 1975 and had a good time. The trip took one night and one day each way and featured beautiful mountain and desert scenery. Our train had coaches, a diner, sleeping cars, and a lounge. The train was old but reasonably clean and well-maintained. The food was OK but not as good as most of the restaurants where I ate on the same trip. I have not been able to determine the present state of passenger rail in Mexico today, but I understand that there have been major cutbacks in service in most areas.

  16. My most memorable train trip was the Blue Train from Cape Town to Jo'burg (S Africa). Nearly 2 days - amazing scenery but hot!

  17. Oh, I love traveling by train! My father used to work at the railroad company, so naturally we had reduced or free tickets and we went everywhere by train, especially in nice areas. Now that I've grown up, trains still hold some magic to me, and I feel really comfortable and in a world of my own when on a train.

  18. I've never traveled by train, but someday would love too.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  19. Wow! Now that’s a lucky lad. Besides he is sitting so cozy and I’m sure thoroughly enjoying the train ride.

    I have seen moving trains in Movies and pictures of trains but I have never travelled in a train all my life. Oh! My younger brothers had a train toy set which was battery energized but that still does not bring the realism of travelling in one any closer.

    Those are precious memories that you shared with us.

    That upside down photo pose had me peering so hard for a while. Ha!Ha!Ha!. Ok, I understood what he was excited about :-)

  20. Hi Sandy,
    Let me try this again. No I have NEVER traveled by train, unless you consider the subway train in New York. I would love to though some day.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway. A new giveaway has been posted today.

    prpldy (at) comcast dot net


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