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Pigeon Point Light House, California

Built in 1872, still active though in need of repair and closed to the Public, Pigeon Point Light House--Historic State Park---Hostel.

This lighthouse is 50 miles south of San Francisco, between Half Moom Bay and Santa Cruz on The Beach Road. A rugid 115 feet tall lighthouse. Rooms-hostels- $20.00 a night. This was one of the tallest lighthouses in America, a good place for whale watching, hiking and relaxing. Care to help the preservation effort...there's a campaign to Save the Light.

You can see in all these pictures how cloudy, cool and gray it was while we were on vacation. Surely no need for sun screen, but I hadn't expected to need a hooded sweatshirt and a coat while in sunny California.

As you drive up the coast, don't pass up opportunities for a bathroom stop, they are few and far between. Take food and water with you, so you can stop along the way and picnic. There are many turn outs that make that possible. Don't count on finding a fast food place to zip in …

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Santa Barbara, California

Driving up the coast of California a must stop is Santa Barbara. In fact, I think it was probably my favorite stop along the way; though we didn't spend much time there. In retrospect, we should have altered our reservations, stayed and explored more. Santa Barbara is rich in history, dating back to 1542, when a Portugese explorer Juan Cabrillo first sailed up the coast to claim the area for Spain. He made contact with the inhabitants, Chumash Indians. Later the area was explored more by Viscaino who named the channel Santa Barbara after The Roman Catholic Feast Day of Santa Barbara.
It wasn't until 1780 when establishment of a Mission and Presidio took place. In 1796 1,000 Chumash Indians were baptized. Trouble and damage to the area from an Earthquake in 1812 occured. The American Period began in 1845......but wait. Don't want to tell you all about it. Explore and find out for yourselves.
Santa Barbara is rich in history, quaint, and quite pretty there along the ocean. Wa…


"Four Score and Seven Years Ago, our Fathers brought forth, upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal." Great words spoken long ago. Come bring the whole family, be apart of living history.

Bring your camera to capture the monuments,


After a full day of living history, relax and enjoy The Gettysburg Battlefield Resort with your family. While the kids go for a swim at the pool or have play time at the playground, Mom can enjoy the beautiful gardens. Bring your RV and enjoy Pennsylvania RV camping. Scenery, relaxation, activities galore and Gettysburg camping await you. Don't have an RV? Not to worry! Enjoy accomodations in brand new cabins with all the ammenities. Camp in Gettysburg in style! Pssssssss, there's a Jucuzzi for tired muscles for us adults at this Gettysburg Campground near the historic area.

There's much to see and do in historic Gettysburg. If you want…