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Driving up the coast of California a must stop is Santa Barbara. In fact, I think it was probably my favorite stop along the way; though we didn't spend much time there. In retrospect, we should have altered our reservations, stayed and explored more. Santa Barbara is rich in history, dating back to 1542, when a Portugese explorer Juan Cabrillo first sailed up the coast to claim the area for Spain. He made contact with the inhabitants, Chumash Indians. Later the area was explored more by Viscaino who named the channel Santa Barbara after The Roman Catholic Feast Day of Santa Barbara.

It wasn't until 1780 when establishment of a Mission and Presidio took place. In 1796 1,000 Chumash Indians were baptized. Trouble and damage to the area from an Earthquake in 1812 occured. The American Period began in 1845......but wait. Don't want to tell you all about it. Explore and find out for yourselves.

Santa Barbara is rich in history, quaint, and quite pretty there along the ocean. Watch the sunsets, eat at any local establishment and you'll be glad you did. Pick a cute affordable Mom and Pop type Motel/hotel for your stay. Enjoy yourself and avoid the chains. Santa Barbara doesn't look like anywhere USA.

Want to sun yourself on the beach........enjoy. Perhaps you want to fish, or visit a local winery. Much to see and do. I'm sorry our time there was short. We didn't have much daylight by the time we stopped, sorry only a few pictures. Even in the cool evenings open pit fireplaces warm you as you stroll up and down the beach sidewalk or dine outside across from the beach.

I highly recommend staying at The Mason Inn. We had a wonderful room just one block from the beach. Our room was very affordable, large enough for a table and chairs, microwave, and small fridge. Definatley not your routine bed in a room hotel.
Mason Inn

We had free internet service as well. A very comfortable room. I'd like to go back and spend time in The Mission. We were there in June of last year when fires were everywhere in California. Believe going later in the year would have been a little more comfortable temperature wise.

On recommendations from our host at Mason Inn, we ate dinner at The Fish House. Ola la la!


  1. We LOVE this area! We used to live in San Diego and then Monterey (before moving back to VA) And the Mason Inn looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Great article!!! Technically, I have been to Santa Barbara, but that only involved going north and south on US 101 in a semi. I wish I could go back and see some of the stuff that I couldn't stop to see before. I did get to make two deliveries to the Presidio in San Francisco, however. I really loved the area from Oxnard/Ventura to San Francisco, as well as the Mount Shasta region, in California.

  3. You know what? I bet you could do something like this for homeschoolers....what a great article!!!!

  4. Really liked your post. I've never been to America but if I do travel there someday I'll be sure to visit Santa Barbara.

  5. Thanks for sharing part of your wonderful travels with the rest of us. I have been to California twice in my lifetime and both were during my adolescent years. I do plan on going back there one of these days and maybe the wife and I will stay in that quaint motel you suggested. Safe travels my new friends!

    Friends 4 Life!

  6. When I lived in Reno while traveling through California I went through Santa Barbara, but didn't stop or explore hopefully when Bill retires we'll get to do some traveling and exploring the USA together, have a great weekend.

  7. Hi there! I hope to taste my way through the FAB wine country near there, of "Sideways" fame. The weather looks so nice and mild this time of year. Later on it's just to hot for me. I'm a big sissy about that now from living in the NW!

  8. I love Santa Barbara. It is a little chilly at night, but it is a wonderful place to window shop or dine.

    Last time I was there, I met some German people and we toured the town together. It was great: I talked Texan, which they loved; they were a hoot, which I loved.

  9. Looks like a good nice trip.The Mason Inn looks quite beautiful,and its really good that they provide free internet access.Its not quite often you find an affordable room which is spacious.

  10. Santa Barbara is a wonderful city! We went there a couple of years ago and wished we could have stayed longer but it was the end of our journey down 101 from Oregon and had to turn around and come home. Great article and we'll certainly check out the Mason Inn!

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  12. I love Santa Barbara too! it's very unique and the beach is amazingly beautiful!:)
    enjoy your week!


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