Cayucos, California Coast Road heading North

steep California coastlineThe views were interesting, though obstructed due to the heavy cloud cover as a result of "The fires". We never saw the sun once we left Palm Springs area for any period of time. Several times here on my blog, I've poked fun at the lack of sun--in sunny California AND how I needed to return to Ohio to see the sun and get warm again. These pictures will bare that out.

rugid California coastSteep, rugid coast line as one heads north up the coast road. The water wasn't pretty blue, nor was the sky. People weren't swimming or walking the shore line. Nothing about this coast line resembles the sandy beaches so well known on the other coast. Though interesting, it was not what I expected; and I was a bit disappointed. I had heard many times about how beautiful the California coast was. Much of the time while travel the coast road, you don't even see the water. That was really disappointing. There were pull offs from time to time where you had these views that I imagine might be breathtaking under other circumstances.

Cayucos fishing pierThe Pier was all but deserted. Only a few souls in the water or on the beach. Not really even any fisherman to speak of. The pier at Cayucos is 130 foot wide and 800 foot long. No doubt it's normally quite a gathering place.

wharf resturant schoonersSchooners Wharf is where we stopped for a late lunch. We had to get off the coast road to find this rather then being right on the coast road as we expected. It's old, pretty run down and has a pretty limited menu. The wind was really something the day we were there, with lots of folks crowded inside for protection. We got a table outside so we could see; but were glad of the wind block. This resturant has a webpage and quite a variety of reviews. It's considered to be the best around by some and not even close by others. Didn't notice any middle ground reviews. The food was normal bar food from our perspective, nothing to rave about; though we had a good time there as we planned the next part of our journey. It's probably not what I would classify as a family place, nor a place I would recommend as a must stop location.

hazy coastal view
HAZE...the winds were blowing in the smoke from "The Fires", though we didn't smell smoke at this point.

*previous post The Seals, check it out if you missed it.
**During the boring part of the drive when we weren't really seeing the water, coast etc. I was knitted and crocheting for The Bridge Project


  1. Hey Sandy,
    Sorry to hear that this was not one of your favorite side trips. Thanks for the pictures and your honest report. I have not been to sunny California but if I ever get there, this might be one stop I will not make. Safe travels my friend!

    Hey I looked for you but couldn't find you. You were hidden too good. lol Thanks for visiting again.

    Friends 4 Life!

  2. Oh, so sorry to hear that...I wondered about that too. It's already June but it's been overcast all the time:( It never feel like summer here at all which is kind of disappointing coz we can't go out:( do some outdoor things on weekend...

  3. I enjoy reading about your not so great trips just as much as the more enjoyable, more scenic ones.

  4. Wish I was there to see the sights right now! I could use a change in scenery! thanks for posting the pics!
    p.s. Stop by my blog. I'm just about to post an award that I won... and I'd like to pass it on to you!

  5. This is one of my favorite routes, though I find the southern end pretty boring. Farther north, around Monterey and farther, the views are majestic! I would love to take it from through Oregon to Washington state. Are you going that far?

  6. I bet you got more stitching done than usual on this trip!

  7. Your new design loads faster now! To me this is very important.. it keeps people and search engine robots crawling your site with ease. Your layout is great...simple and straightforward. The background color though doesn't seem to mix well with your link colors. And, if I may suggest, paste on your old header design to this template. Overall, your new design is refreshing.

  8. I like the new site very much and of course I love the photos as I love the sea.

  9. Looks really good to me Sandy!

  10. I must concur with those who like your new look. In reference to what BigDaddyRichard said, however, we were able to get a high definition digital monitor with our new computer, so the background doesn't interfere with the text to me, but it might to those who are still viewing things with an analog monitor. Was something else that you wanted to hear a comment about?

  11. Hello talking suitcase.
    I think you should try the Oregon Coast. From the moment you step outside and take a deep breath of air- the feeling starts. One minute it's foggy and misty. The next minute, the sun peeks through the clouds. The air smells like the sea. Salt gets on your lips. The winds start to blow, and tosses your hair. The kites go up in the air. And the next thing you know, your having a good time! And sometimes you find magic!


  12. I like the overhaul. The trip might not have been what you thought but hopefully you got some relaxation despite the weather.

  13. I enjoyed reading your honest review of your trip. And the photos are good!

  14. beautiful coast. Looks a lot like Ireland!

  15. Sorry you didn't enjoy this leg of your trip. The coast of California certainly varies depending on where you're at and of course the fire haze doesn't help matters. I think our coast here in Oregon is the most beautiful one on the west coast but then again, I'm a little biased!


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