There's No Place Like Home Toto

"There's no place like home". I love to travel, feel and see different sites and sounds; but I think Dorothy was right, "There's no place like Home."

This Traveling Suitcase is taking this brief moment to to your backyard and smell the flowers. Roll in the grass, sniff the air. Lay on your back and look at the sky.

I'm borrowing from a comment on my last post. See what Tweedles says about traveling.
Hello talking suitcase.
I think you should try the Oregon Coast. From the moment you step outside and take a deep breath of air- the feeling starts. One minute it's foggy and misty. The next minute, the sun peeks through the clouds. The air smells like the sea. Salt gets on your lips. The winds start to blow, and tosses your hair. The kites go up in the air. And the next thing you know, your having a good time! And sometimes you find magic!


We travel everyday, to and from work, the library, the dry cleaners. We travel over bridges, through tunnel and beyond; but what do you see along the way? Do you stop and smell the flowers? Do you feel the air? Do you take just a brief minute to take it all in?

  • Please tell me what you see in your daily travels
  • Do you travel with your pets?
  • Do you hire a sitter while you're away
  • Do you board your pets?
  • If you take your pets with you when you travel, how differently do you plan? Things like when and where to stop, where you lodge....Please share. I'll be compiling lots of good tips from all your experiences.
Be safe and see you soon, my little legs (take a look at those skinny legs on the suitcase), should be rested and ready to go again in a day or so.


  1. Hi Sandy
    Oh thank you for sharring my thoughts about visiting the Oregon Coast.
    So many beautiful places to go see, and sometimes staying close to home is a good thing.
    We love to stay at places that welcome pets, and that have good views of the mighty ocean, and close access to the beach.
    Our favorite new place is in Lincoln City. A place called the Overlook. Go look it up on the web. What an experience! There are even diarys to journal your good time. Believe me, you will go back. And yes, pets are welcome. An experinece of a life time. Go let the sea salt land on your eyelashes!

  2. Life is too fast, good to remind us to slow down and smell the flowers along our path. Great picture. I wish my backyard looked like that.

    Still haven't started a blog, so no link to leave. Someday.

  3. Sandy -- I often put my camera in my car and leave for work 15 minutes early. That gives me time to stop along the way and take photos of spectacular sunrises or opening flowers or unusual birds and wildlife I may encounter on my hour long drive to work.

    I know when I take the time to do that, I arrive at work relaxed and ready for the day.

  4. Hey Sandy,
    I knew you would have a new post quite soon. I agree that we do not take the time to stop and smell the flowers or feel the breeze in our own backyards before we want to be off vacationing. This is one reason I like to ride my motorcycle, I can smell all the different fragrances and feel the breeze. It's a great feeling. I know you enjoy your traveling but there is NO place like home and I'm always happy to return. I saw my blog listed on your blog log and I will return the favor when I figure out how to do it. Thanks my friend!

    Friends 4 Life!

  5. I travel and enjoy seeing new places. It is awfully hard to leave my dogs at the kennel. I know they are fine but I miss them.

  6. Love the new look of your blog. Great post! Beautiful photo....

  7. I'm not getting answers to my questions, would love feedback

  8. Hi Sandy
    Our little family does not get away very often.
    Sometimes health reason can limit what you can do.
    When we do go---- "I the Tweedles" get to go.
    Cats stay home with plenty of food. We try to stay where the views are the best- so when your inside- it can still be a fun world to look at.

  9. We have someone come check in on the kitties and the bunny, but our doggy goes with us when we travel. If the weather isn't too hot or too cold, she goes with us on errands, so she is very used to being in the car with us.

    We make sure to stop every few hours for her to stretch her legs when traveling, and we try to plan our activities so that they are ones she can do too, or where she won't be alone too long. We've never had any problems staying in a hotel with her - she's very good. We bring along her bed, travel bowls, and of course, food and cookies!

  10. Good Early Morning!
    Couldn't sleep for some reason and it's nealy 4am and I'm still wide awake. I will regret this later on in the day. I hope you will have a safe and happy 4th. Are you traveling or are you back home for the holiday? Just curious!

    Friends 4 Life!

  11. I can't answer your questions, I don't have a pet; but I do agree with your statement about being home. Traveling is fun, always fun; but it's also always good to get back home and back in your own bed again.


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