Ford's Colony, Williamsburg, Virginia

Ford's Colony Condo
The outside of The Manor Club is as pretty as the inside. It's very Colonial in design, which is appropriate, given it's close proximity to Colonial Williamsburg. It's quite homey. A gated community, while hubby was off golfing, my daughter and I could go for walks and feel very comfortable. The Manor Club is a Marriott property in Colonial Williamsburg.

Such pretty bathrooms. This is the 2nd bathroom, the small one condo bathroom
that goes with the 2nd bedroom. A door could be closed between her space and our space, which it private--apt like.

Williamsburg living room The living room was beautiful, roomy and had plenty of furniture. There's a fireplace, though we didn't use it when we were there last July. Looking out the big sliding glass door is our screened in porch with table and chairs. We often had cocktails or ate our meals there.

Marriott's Manor Club grill areaOutside grill areas made cooking out convenient. This area was in the building next to ours; but still quite handy. We sat at the pool, enjoyed walks in the area, toured the historic area of Williamsburg, and hubby played multiple games of golf. Depending on your lodging, you get a certain number of free games. There's a spa which my daughter and I enjoyed one day while he was off golfing.

dinner on the patio
Join us for dinner? We had grilled veggies, baked potatoes and steak with a nice bottle of wine. The 3 of us sat leisurely and enjoyed the pretty views.

This is for the golfers out there. You can see how close we were to the course. Right out our screened porch. In fact, these photo's were taken right through the screen. Very nice to sit and cool off in the shade on the porch, or have our evening cocktails there as we planned what to do for dinner. This is hubby.

While in Virginia, tour the University,
Posting about Williamsburg seems very fitting as we begin to celebrate our Nations Birthday!
Happy Birthday America

**The trip had it all:
  • good food
  • pretty sites
  • historical sites
  • golf
  • pool
  • plenty of relaxation


  1. What a beautiful place! Love your slide shows...

  2. My first thought was, "Why didn't we look into staying there last year?" but ... wow. Fancy-schmancy place.

    We wound up in an awesome B&B in walking distance to the Colonial area.

  3. It was quite nice Susan, though not sure I would say fancy-schmancy. What made it particularly nice on that trip, hubby could golf, daughter had lots of school work to do, we could all be together; but do our own things as we needed to.

    And the separation of the space was perfect for those who wanted up early and didn't want to disturb those sleeping in.

    We ate most meals in, since we had the kitchen and grill which saved over eating out all the time.


  4. Hey Sandy,
    My wife and I stopped by Old Williamsburg some 4 yrs ago on our way to Cape Cod. We toured the grounds and had lunch at one of the pubs. It was very nice but we had to be on our way. I think your hubby and me would get along great. I love the game of golf but I just don't get to play enough. Great pictures and post. Thanks again for sharing your experiences with your daughter. I know that was a special time together.

    Friends 4 Life!

  5. Hello,

    Simply put the "Along for the Ride!" widget back on your page and during the next AFTR robot scan, it'll be detected and put your blog back in rotation.

    The widget styles are available here:

    Thank you.

  6. Thanks Mar, I think I've got it, though I used a different method this time. Is the last option a new one?

  7. This looks fabulous. I think I want to go on vaction with you, where are you of to next trip? I'll look around here on your blog some more. Looks like you go to some pretty interesting places. I just looked at that list on the side of your blog

  8. Love your post! I live in Williamsburg!! And play golf - have played at Ford's Colony several times also! Glad you liked it here! We have lived here almost 20 years and I love it more with each passing year! We're only an hour's drive to the beach - 2 hrs. to the mountains or wine country and 2 1/2 hrs to the big city of D.C. - also only 55 min. to downtown Richmond - there is so much history and arts etc. there also!! Come back and visit again soon adn tell your friends to come visit too!

  9. that looks lovely. your pictures are good enough for their brochure!


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