Mission San Carlos Borrome'o de Carmel, Traveling in California

San Carlos Barromeo Mission
Spain wished to colonize The California Lands, the Catholic Franciscan order wished to bring Christianity to the Natives, and thus The Mission period (1769-1835) along The El Camino Road was born. El Camino Real, the road to connect the 21 missions along the California coast made traveling from one to the other possible.

Mission San Carlos Borrome'o de Carmel, the 2nd oldest of these missions was named for Saint Charles Borromeo. It is considered to be the most beautiful of all the missions and was the headquarters. Father Junipero Serra built the mission, his favorite and is infact buried beneath the alter. This is a must see, and is just south of the city of Carmel.

There is much to see while traveling throughout the grounds, diorama's depicted it's early history, original bibles, pictures showing the various stages of The Mission, a grave yard, beautiful gardens with statues, and of course an impressive gift shop.


Secularization occurred in 1834 putting an end to the missions. They were all sold to private parties, except the church which fell into terrible disrepair. It stood empty, with a collapsed roof for 30 years. The first attempt at repair/rehab took place in 1884, and the 2nd in 1930.

If you're traveling with children make a point to spend ample time in front of these diorama's. There are several and detail is fabulous. Would also be a great way to introduce your children to making a diorama of vacation once they return home.


Touring this mission is very educational for people of all ages, I highly recommend it. What a peaceful thing to do with the family after a hectic hot day at the beach, or perhaps on a rainy day while on vacation. Encourage the kids to write about their visits to interesting places while you travel.


  1. Your pictures are always fantastic and your posts are so informative. I'm going to refer my homeschoolers here. Do you take requests?

  2. Hey there!
    I had to track you down this time. lol If I had the time I would definitely join you on your bus and see some of the US with you & your hubby. You go to some of the most interesting places and you are so descriptive that one seems to be there too. Thanks for visiting my blog again. Do look into that wonderful club and start making some money from shopping. Hurray!!! Be safe my friends!

    Friends 4 Life!

  3. The flower gardens look beautiful and I agree about the diorama's and showing the kids, however I am NOT that crafty.

    Swing by when you get the chance, I have an award for you:)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. the warmer weather definitely does help my fibromyalgia, but the thunderstorms and varying pressure tend to wreak havoc on me. I hope you are doing well :)

  5. I love architecture of the missions.
    We have many missions here in San Antonio and they are one of my favorite local destinations when the weather is cooler.

  6. What was wrong with the old layout? I like this one too, but it must have cut into some of your travel time;). If you have the patience and know-how, play with it and find what you like best! I like the green and will be watching to see what else you do.


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