Preparing for Summer Travel with Children

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Summer is officially here, kids are out of school in most areas or soon will be. Families are beginning to think and plan for family vacations, and family outings. Vacations in these economic times might be a bit more varied then in other years. Think of day trips, things to see and do that don't involve the cost of a hotel room. Pack picnic lunches and take snacks and save the money you might otherwise spend at various fast foods.

Think outdoors, think fun, think educational, think Family, think Children. Everyone loves to go to the Zoo. Most metropolitan areas have a zoo. Check on line for discounts that maybe available for "special days". Can you gather the neighborhood, the kids of your co-workers and obtain a group discount?

Grab your sunscreen and make a day of it. Remember small children tire and need breaks, they need to be able to keep moving and not wait in lines, they need bathroom breaks, they need good walking shoes for protection and comfort. No one wants to carry a hot sticky child. If one area is especially busy, pass it by and find something else of interest. Engage the children in the conversation. What do you know about animal x y z? Have you seen one before? How big do you think they are? Take pictures, but keep them at a minimum. Children tire of that very quickly. Use sunscreen and find shade when you can. The happier the child or children are the better time everyone will have.

Prepare them ahead of time....if you're traveling to get to the zoo (or other attraction), do a writing exercise about what they'll see when they get there. Children do better when they know what to expect. Older children can write a journal about their day which can include the traveling to and from, as well as what they saw and did while there.

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  1. Great idea to do fun, and expensive things close to home.

  2. love all the links that you include! Such a cute pic, too!

  3. Love your travel Blog Sandy , trying to see if it will let me comment here . Sorry havent been able to send more scarves etc to the bridge project , cutting back on postage and doing more local things now.
    MOLLY : O )

  4. Great advice! This brings back such good memories of times with my daughter, and later with grandkids. Thank God for strollers!

  5. Animal Talk awaits you! I know your post will be fun and informative. I've told the homeschoolers who visit my writing blog they need to drop by your blogs and then go see your guest post at Animal Talk.....Thank you so much!

  6. Get info, as usual. I'm going to head over to Animal Talk to see what you've posted there. I love your blogs!

  7. A field trip to the Zoo would allow children to see animals that they don't always see.

  8. These are great ideas, we were just talking yesterday about some fun activities we can do with Nate this Summer and found a great park in Gettysburg that we're planning on taking him to soon and the Aquarium in Baltimore that's always fun.

  9. Hey Sandy,

    Another good post my friend and some very good advice when venturing out with children. I know how true this is after being out with my 4 yr old grandson. He is pretty good to get along with, but he is still a child that needs attention and breaks. Thanks!

    Friends 4 Life!

  10. Zoos were never my favorite, but when we did go, I always had fun - thanks Mom :)


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