The Many Faces of Vegas

vegas scenesVegas has many faces, though I think the first word that comes to mind is gambling, there are other things to do there. This is my collage to show some of the different faces I saw while in Vegas.

Left to right:
  1. The architecture is fabulous, both inside and out. The buildings are beautiful. Some representing buildings/places that exist around the country, some represent locations around the world, such as The Eiffel Tower.
  2. Hoover Dam, not far from Vegas has a fabulous tour you can take and learn all about the building of the Dam. The views from that area are a photo must.
  3. Art. Art in many forms abounds; but my favorite would have been The Chihuly glass pieces.
  4. The flowers inside and out are breath takingly beautiful, and always in bloom. You never see a dead flower, or plant in need of pruning.
  5. The lights, the nightlife, the water fountains, and water shows are awesome.
  6. The pretend skies make you forget you're not outside. The view shown is in a shopping mall. The ski actually changes with the time of day to look and feel realistic. I'm not a shopper, but for those that are...bring your wallet! All the high end designers have wares here and the shopping malls are gorgeous.
There was a period of time when they tried to make Vegas a family place with rides and entertainment for young children; that was a big mistake in my opinion. It is indeed a very adult location. Entertainment is adult, the gambling is for adults, and the mix of people you see in various stages of dress or undress is most definitely adult. I'm not a prude, but I would not recommend this as a family vacation location. Save this trip for you and your adult friends.

Vegas is fun, though can be pricey depending on where you stay, and where you eat, and how much you gamble. I'm not a gambler and spent less than $50.00 while there for 4 days gambling. I enjoyed watching the people, and seeing the sites. The pools are spectacular if you want some down time. In my opinion, 3 or 4 days in Vegas is about the right amount of time. If you're wanting to take a weeks vacation add other locations to your itinerary.

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  1. I loved Vegas and had a great time there, but couldn't find a job this was back when the MGM had burned down and haven't been back since. Would love to go back someday I can only imagine how much it's changed in all these years.

  2. Excellent post about Las Vegas. I couldn't agree more about when they tried to "Disney" it up. We had way too many families who really only walked the Strip and couldn't do much as they had their kids in tow.

    One place people should also visit if they come to Vegas is Red Rock Canyon. As a local, it is one of my most favorite places to spend time and such a nice diversion from the neon lights and gambling.

  3. My girlfriends and I have been to NYC, Jamaica and Grand Cayman...our next stop is Vegas...and I can't begin to tell you how excited I am!!!!

  4. Wow, your pictures make Vegas look far more wholesome than mine do. Probably because most of mine are night shots. Just one suggestion, if you're in Vegas and have a little extra time a trip to the Grand Canyon is worth it.

  5. My husband wants us to go to Vegas some day to see all the shows! Maybe someday.... :)

  6. Since my mom lives in North Las Vegas I go there quite a bit. We don't go to the strip much since it's pretty crazy and crowded down there but I do love the Bellagio fountains and walking through the Ceasar's Forum shops. Another place to check out is the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. They have track tours (in a van not a race car) and it's just a lot of fun if you're a race fan.

    P.S. Thanks for your comments on my earrings! I'll send you the info via EC.

  7. You know what..

    Honestly, I prefer Hoover Dams over the casinos and other attractions in Vegas. I visited Las Vegas twice and seriously, hoover dam really have a connection with me :)

  8. By the way do you guys know there is a "Little Las Vegas Town" in Bali? :)

    Anastasia @ Bali Travel

  9. All three of my boys have been there...and I think Chuck too. I've never been but it sounds like loads of fun!

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  11. OK my turn.
    Lake Mead near Hoover Dam is a cool place.
    Have you ever been there? It' s a nice camp ground.

  12. I was with my mom in Vegas, visiting family that lived there at the time. We didn't gamble or go to any shows. OR see the Hoover Dam (I would have liked that!) So Vegas to me was long lost family and food. Yes, the architecture was sure fun! {:-D

  13. I did like some of Vegas. You are right it is not a family friendly place. Even though they would want you to think so.Boy do I have some good stories to tell. We did enjoy our two short stays there over the summer.

  14. I am not much into gambling, too much risk for me. My mom has been to Vegas twice, I myself have never been. I know there are so many other things than just gambling.

  15. congrats! there is an award waiting for you at my blog, Travelin' With Marie. click here to view the award:

  16. What an informative site you got here. I really wish I could go to Vegas. Yes, I've been to a Venetian Hotel and it's really amazing how the ceiling come to life :) You won't even know it's night time inside the Shopping Mall/Hotel jhehehe...

  17. I added your link Sandy just stopping by before we go for a ride....Jude

  18. It's now been 10 years since I last visited Vegas. Your blog about Vegas wets my appetite for the place. I sure can take some "Adult" vacation time.

  19. I sure would love to visit vegas someday.... thanks for leaving a nice comment on my blog...

  20. I love Vegas! I like to gamble too. My first trip to Vegas was during Spring Break my senior year in HS. My friend had relatives who offered to host us for a week. We spent time on their boat, went rock climbing, and hiking. It's truly beautiful. It turned out that my friend was allergic to her Aunt and Uncle's Pets so we found ouselves looking for a hotel to sleep at night. we found a hotel that had just switced owners and therefor were without a casino license. We stayed at the Aladdin for $20 a night! Good memories!

  21. Vegas looks really gorgeous! The architecture is awesome, and some of it even represents famous landmarks.
    It's a good thing you pointed out that Vegas isn't known for just being a gambling place.

  22. I love Las Vegas and always have, the food, the shows, it is a great couples retreat.


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