Marion, Ohio

President Harding's Memorial
President Warren G. Harding's Memorial. I know I have other pictures; but am in need of organizing. Lost thousands of photo's that were on my computer at this time yesterday. So, please bare with me as I post things as I find them. I must reload from memory stick, and CD's and get organized. Painful. However, that doesn't lessen the fun I had as a child here at this Memorial. I lived within walking distance, and biking distance. The grounds are gorgeous, a bit hilly and an awesome place to play, to run, to roll down hills. All things we did there as kids. We enjoyed sledding there in winter. Plus, there's a park right across the street. Not to diminish showing proper respect for this man, who was our President; but this would be a good outing for people of all ages. History for Mom and Dad to enjoy, a park for the children and the pets to stretch their legs. Plan a picnic with the park right there.
Facts and items of interest:Harding Memorial
  • He was born during the Civil War (1865)
  • He became President after WWI with a campaign slogan of "return to Normalcy"
  • He came from a large family
  • His Mother was a midwife who later received her medical license
  • His Father was a teacher
  • There has been speculation that his great grandmother may have been or had African-American Blood, some records indicate that was a rumor made to discredit him during the election.
  • He died of a heart attack/stroke
  • Was in The Ohio Senate, served as Lt. Governor, served as US Senator
  • Republican
  • Won with the largest popular vote landslide
  • Was a Darkhorse during the convention
  • Owned and operated the Marion Daily Star Newspaper
  • Like to play poker
He wanted a simple grave, to be buried outside under the stars and trees. He loved nature. At one time a tree adorned the memorial; but was hit by lightening. His simple grave was altered, funding in part by huge donations of dimes from school age children. Though he did get his wish to be out in the stars. The memorial was restored in 1980. It's 103 feet in diameter and stands 53 feet in height. One can wind around the columns which is great fun for children.

His house can be toured and is 1.5 miles from the memorial. It was from this front porch that he often spoke, and thus became known for the front porch campaign.

Local's spread the rumor that his dog, Laddie Boy was buried there with he and his wife, Florence; but documentation indicates that is not the case.

**On a personal note, my great grandfather, Charles Frederick Mader played in a band with President Harding. In fact he taught music, and taught him to play the cornet. That was before he was President, naturally. My great grandfather was a band director.

Marion is 50 miles north of the state capital, Columbus.
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  3. Hello Ms. Sandy, thanks for sharing this one. My husband is planning for us to move in Ohio when her retires from the navy.. This gives me a glimpse of what we can enjoy there..

  4. Bizril, oh my yes you're right the dial up connection in your area is slow. Last time I checked it was about a week ago and the page loaded in under 30 seconds. I must try it again when I get my favorites of my other computer. I can't remember the site I used.

    Hope you get improved service in your area.

  5. chubskulit
    Hope you saw some of the other post on Ohio. Ohio is a good state to live in. Marion is where I grew up and is in the snow belt. I loved living there when I was young.

    Chillicothe is another location I posted a bit about, an older city; the first capital of the state.

    Have you pin pointed when, and where you'll be retiring too?


  6. I have a friend that wants to visit all of the presidents memorials. He has seen quite a few but I do not think he has made it to this one. Next time I talk to him I will let him know about it. Thanks for the post.
    Rhett Out.

  7. Thanks for sharing your insights Sandy. Bill has family in Ohio and that would be interesting to see when we go up for the next reunion.

  8. Hi sandy,
    I know I've been a stranger, back to school full time on Monday. I see you have been busy exploring. I live the architecture of this structure. even when I lived in Ohio, I never went to visit this. Thanks for the history.

  9. I was just in Ohio in July visiting friends, but we were down by Marietta. And we didn't get up to Columbus? Now I wish we would have, this sounds so interesting!!

    Have a great Week!

  10. Interesting facts. I personally have never seen this memorial yet. Now it seems so interesting that I have to go there and see it for myself.

  11. wow - I thought I was in Greece or something. That's some memorial! Nice to have that close family connection, too. And thanks for being a top dropper on my blog! {:-Deb

  12. Hey Sandy,
    Thanks again for leaving me another note. I haven't been able to hit the little white ball lately but maybe soon. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought you took these pictures in Rome or Greece. I suppose it's the columns that make me think that way. Thanks again for yet another wonderful history lesson.

    Friends 4 Life!

  13. I love history and this is all wonderful and very interesting Sandy! I too have been through Ohio many many times but mostly on the interstates.

    But occasionally we have been fortunate to get a chance to get onto some rural roads and enjoy the scenery.

    I am so sorry to hear about your PC problems. I worry about this myself all of the time. I am seriously going to have to take an entire day and make sure all of my photos are burned to a dvd and saved.

    I hope you get it all fixed up soon and that it all goes smoothly for you!

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  15. I grew up in Little Hocking Ohio (Near Marrietta) and Ohio is a great place to live! I am not in Florida..sure Florida has its fun but Ohio has a certain feel to it living there that isn't matched by FL

  16. It sounds like Harding got a pretty nice spot for his memorial in Marion. It's always nice when you have a place that parents can enjoy as well as kids and why not use your facts to sneak in a history lesson with your kids as well!

    Also, that is pretty neat about your great grandfather.

  17. Great history you posted here. Does sound like you had fun there as a kid. Also sounds like he, The President would be happy to know kids, families and pets are enjoying themselves at his memorial since he liked the outdoors so much.


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