Golf = Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

golg bag
Time Time is on my side - it is. Oh, if only I could sing it for you. lol

If you say 3 words, Myrtle Beach Golf; you've said a mouthful. 100 beautiful golf courses await you, your family, or your group. Play a round or two with Greg Norman, Davis Love, III, Gary Player, Raymond Floyd, Jack Nicklaus, and Arnold Palmer. Those names are known to even those who don't play golf, they are just some of the famous golfer's who've designed the courses for your enjoyment. Plan a Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation any time of the year the weather's a bonus.

Have you racked your brain trying to come up with the "perfect gift idea" for your special someone? Choose a Myrtle Beach Golf Package, your honey won't return it like a sweater that doesn't fit or a tie he doesn't like. Look at the comprehensive list of courses, pick dates, times, check for discounts or special group rates; one stop shopping from the ease of your computer chair. Think of the time, and gas you'll save shopping this way. Make your guy happy and shop green this holiday season, just click your mouse.

Boys week out, Girls can play too, family vacation, work retreat? Golf Packages Myrtle Beach is your answer. Sun, Sand, and is good.

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  1. Sandy, thanks very much for stopping by on my blog.

  2. Wow, this posting is too good and names of the golfers..........phenomenal.

  3. Hey Sandy!
    I know ya'll enjoyed your time with your daughter and family. Good to have you back and thanks for the post. You know how I love golf and I am going to get to that area and play at least one of those courses before I leave this planet. Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

    Friends 4 Life!

  4. Hey Sandy!
    Good to have you back! I know you had a super time with your daughter and family. You know how much I love golf and I'm going to play one or two of these courses before I leave this planet. Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

    Friends 4 Life!

  5. Was thinking about you Eddie when I wrote this post. lol

    Arthur, my suggestion was that you add that info to your blog, I'm probably not the only person who'd be intersted in reading it.


  6. I enjoyed reading your post especially your introduction. I really put a tune on that. Haha! Time time is on my side...lala. Nice! Nice!

  7. Okay Sandy. Now you will need to sing that song for me. I'm thinking Thanksgiving would be a fine day for you to do that!

  8. We don't golf but I think we would if it was in a place like Myrtle Beach!

  9. Good day! Would you mind to exchange link with me?

  10. Some days I wish I golf. Especially when planning vacations - I miss out on a lot of beautiful landscapes for lack of golf :)

    I wanted to pop by and thank you for commenting at my blog. I appreciate your input.


  11. golfing is an expensive hobby here and only the rich could afford to play for leisure for a sport like that.

  12. You're making me want to book a trip to Myrtle Beach for a golf vacation right now! :)

  13. I must tell my family about this, they all love to play golf. It's not my game; but looks like there's other things I can do while they're golfing.

    Thanks for the information


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