Auckland and Brisbane

New ZealandWhat do Auckland accomodation and hotels in Brisbane have in common? After all, Auckland is in New Zealand and Brisbane is in Australia. They are destinations for World Travelers seeking adventure. They are destinations for the savvy traveler looking for something out of the ordinary; something different something exciting.

Read on, if you dare!

Beaches, sunshine, sailing, shopping, fine cuisine, cafe's, museum's and more. Words that are often used to describe vacation destinations; but add coffee, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, ANZAC Square and The Shrine of Remembrance and you're talking about Brisbane, an important location during World War II. Brisbane was The South West Pacific Headquarters for General Douglas MacArthur. And don't forget to stop and see The Old Windmill, for something quaint. It's one of the oldest landmarks in Brisbane.

Add words like yachts, extinct volcanoes, yachts, dolphines, yachts, Polynesian, and did I mention yachts? Now we're talking about Auckland. Auckland, the capital of New Zealand with a nickname of City of Sails; is rich in Polynesian history and culture. Viewing Auckland from the water, either the Pacific Ocean or The Tasman Sea is a Kodac moment. So come prepared.

Adventure doesn't have to break the bank, plug in travel dates and see the wide range of pricing available for you and your family.
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  1. You are full of travel ideas. These places look like fun but you know me, give me a dude ranch out West. Have you got any info on ranches or just that area of the country?

  2. I'll have to see what I can come up with to satisfy your horsey love Jan, keep checking back.


  3. Hi Sandy
    My moms and I would love to travel to the wonderful New Zealand - where all the beautiful beaches are.
    I bet you have been to all these wonderful places that you speak about.

  4. This sounds amazing. When do we leave?

  5. Those places are on my wish list to visit one day. My stepmom is going next summer with her granddaughter and we're all very jealous of them. I'll tell her your tips!

  6. Been to Australia but not to Brisbane. I'd love to go to New Zealand! I bet it's really nice this time of the year since it's their summertime.

  7. Wow, I just got back from a trip through Europe, and now I'm already thinking about next year's holiday! :) I've always wanted to see New Zealand, but I figure it's pretty much the same with Tasmania. Or so I've heard. It's that so?

  8. I love following your travel adventures & photos around the world !

    Brisbane is a great place ! I studied my uni there and stayed there for 4 yrs !! It's a sunny state !!

    Oh ... have an Award for U !!


  9. Thanks Jinghui, your comment reminds me I have another award I need to get moving on,.

    Thanks bunches, it's appreciated.

  10. Nice to see an article on my home city of Auckland, It really is a nice city but there are far better places in New Zealand to see, Queenstown is the best place to visit especially if you can get there in September and October.

  11. I'm also from Auckland, its a nice place with the harbour, beaches and only 10-15 miles from coast to coast. Weather is usually good, although humid in summer. NZ is a beautiful place so you do need to get out of town and see the country!


  12. One of my co-workers went to New Zealand and loved it there. She's anxious to go back for a 2nd trip.

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