The Horizon at Myrtle Beach

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. What are you and your family doing for Thanksgiving? Plan your most memorable Thanksgiving ever. Plan a trip to this Myrtle Beach Hotel, The Horizon. The Horizon is a family oriented, modern ocean view facility with spacious 1-2-and 3 bedroom condo's. This Myrtle Beach Accommodation located in the heart of Myrtle Beach offers a unique tranquil environment in a beautiful residential area; away from the hubbub and noise. A perfect place for families to enjoy each other.

These Myrtle Beach Accomodations, offer something for everyone with 80 golf courses nearby, indoor and outdoor pools, full kitchens, and oversized balconies really have your families comfort in mind.

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  1. I'd like to spend Thanksgiving in a place where it doesn't snow! :)

  2. Hi
    I would love to go visit this elaborate, nice hotel in Myrtle Beach for Thanksgiving.
    But I already have reservations to join with all the forest animals for our Thanksgiving in the forest.

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  4. Myrtle Beach would be a perfect place for your Thanksgiving Day! =)

  5. Our year to host Thanksgiving ~ Brother-in-law and his family will be here from D.C. and our daughter flying home from NYC (where she is doing a travel assignment as an ER nurse!) We live in Colonial Williamsburg ~ so a perfect place for a yummy Thanksgiving dinner and celebration!

  6. I will check this out. We are going there in the spring.

  7. Myrtle Beach would be nice. I was really hoping to do something different this year. We always go to my In-laws. The food is great and it's always a nice time...for the adults. With Hubby being an only child, there are no other little ones for the kids to play with. I want to do a FUN and crazy Thanksgiving with lots of kids, football in the yard and on TV...maybe next year.

  8. Thanksgiving it's all about family, and although in the past I tried to get away, I've come tor realize that's no better place like home :)

  9. Yes Anne Thanksgiving is all about family, wherever the family gathers and spends quality time together is a wonderful place.


  10. I love Myrtle Beach, I once entered a contest to win my dream home there, didn't win though probably couldn't have paid the taxes anyhow.

  11. Oh, I only live an hour and half away from Myrtle Beach. Would love to spend Thanksgiving there....but husband is in Navy and is working.
    Thanks for the great information, though. I'm going to bookmark this, as we live so close!

  12. I love Myrtle Beach too! I especially like the Thanksgiving photo in today's post...quite festive!


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