Monday, January 18, 2010

Baltimore (Inner Harbor), Maryland

Quackers from Ride the Duckentering the water in The Inner HarborSeven Foot Knoll Light
Mother and Daughter Quacking while touring on Ride the Duck in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. This photo was from 3 years ago when we went to Baltimore for the first time. The Duck is an amphibious vehicle, from World War II; updated for tourism in cities around the country. You get a nice over view of the area on land and on sea. The Captain gives you history and points out areas of interest. After your tour on The Duck, you can decide what you'd like to go back and see in more detail. The tour began on Light Street in The Inner Harbor, went through Fells Point, and Little Italy then entered the water. Everyone gets a quacker to wear and blow calling attention to the tour as you meander through the downtown streets.

The second photo is us entering the water. The 3rd photo is Seven Foot Knoll Light. This historic lighthouse has a long and interesting history from the early 1800's. You can tour the lighthouse and learn all about the families that lived and worked there, the live saving mission, and how it was moved to it's current location. The lighthouse is now owned and operated by The Baltimore Maritime Museum located on Pier 5.

We passed a very historic graveyard (where Poe is buried), the first Washington Memorial and many other interesting areas. The Duck Tour in Baltimore has since closed down. I'm not sure why or when. However, one can still use the water taxi's to see the sights from the water, and there are still Duck tours in other cities (San Francisco, Newport, Branson, and Philadelphia) you might enjoy. So, while you can't enjoy this specific tour; I do highly recommend this as a good family, all age appropriate adventure. You can order your tickets on line, or call ahead.

Quack Quack

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  1. I remember walking around at the Inner Harbor when our daughter was stationed in Baltimore. It is a neat place. I didn't know about the lighthouse. I wish we had visited and learned more about it.

  2. We did the duck boat tour in Boston a few years back and had our picture taken in front of the boat to prove it. We didn't get a duck quaker, though. The group of stodgy friends we were with probably wouldn't have liked it anyway. But my husband and I would have!

    I would have enjoyed the lighthouse and grave yard tours too! Were there tales of hauntings at Poe's grave?

  3. That seems like the boat ride would be lots of fun to me. You see so many places- how do you have time?

  4. It's great you get to tour at Poe's graves. I have truly admired the works of the genius. ;D

  5. I love Inner Harbor and it's not that far from us and I love seeing the bicycle cops which are cool. I've never been on a duck tour though maybe I'll mention it to Bill and see what he thinks.

  6. Baltimore is on the list of places that I want to visit :) Charm City Bakery!! LOL

  7. Well I think you two look quite ducky! In addition, it looks like you had a swell time!

  8. Wow! Again.

    Do you need anyone to help you carry your luggage and things when you travel the next time? Don’t forget me – I would be raring to do it for you. :-)

    So many wonderful sights and experiences during your travels that you share here with us.

    Poe? THE Edgar Allen Poe? WOW again and again.

    But there’s something do different about how WW II vehicles are given a new lease of life there when compared to how they are in the Philippines. It is certified passenger worthy and maintained by strict standards in the States. In the Philippines it is travel in those kind at one’s own risk.


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