Packing Tips for Travelers

ski photoSki trips present quite a packing challenge. This photo was taken 14 years ago, when the fam and I were all a bit younger, and a few pounds lighter. Geessssssss, it was even before gray hair. sigh

Packing a necessary evil of any and all trips. What to take, how much to take, how much does it weigh, will it wrinkle. First thing to consider is are you driving, or flying. If you're flying that bumps up the difficulty factor. If flying you have to think about weight, how to protect items, how to keep clothes presentable and still have all you need.

Our method of packing for ski trips was a clean turtleneck a day. After skiing, showering for dinner the clean turtle neck for dinner was the one you wore to ski in the next day. 2-3 sweaters was enough for the whole week and maybe 2 pair of jeans. Remember packing your ski equipment takes space so it gets the priority. And, you're wearing your ski clothes the bulk of the time, so you whatever else you're wearing are items used for a short period of time.

Pack ski socks and long johns, which are bulky items in your ski boots, and around your skies. It saves space in your suitcase, and protects your equipment.

**Always pack lots of lip balm, and cloth handkerchiefs/bandannas. Paper tissues don't hold up well outside and can't be used to protect your face or neck.

Folding your dirty clothes for the return trip will make packing easier too. Put them in a plastic bag, but folded gives you the same space you had when you packed the first time. If you have undergarments that are on their way out, you could through them out instead of packing them for the return trip; which frees up space for items you purchased on the trip. Personally I've not used the throw away method; but know several people who have and it worked well for them. People tend to buy new things for a trip and they did just the opposite. Took old stuff, wore it, pitched it instead of packing it to bring home.
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  1. Sounds like good advice, Bill's kids always drive so they always have plenty of room in their Jeep for all their needs.

  2. Those are some great tips! I always make sure I bring lots of socks, especially for a ski trip because it seems like my feet are always wet. I also recommend bringing either an extra bag or packing a bag only half way full for extra space.

  3. Good tip Rebecca, the half full so you have room for things you purchased there; though I think that's difficult unless you have laundry facilities where you're staying and can take less.


  4. Great tips for packing. It is not so much my training as it is the breed that keeps Africa from running away. I am flattered you stopped by.

  5. Great tips although I've never been on a ski trip before! If I do go, I'll be sure to also pack hot chocolate!

  6. Thanks for the tips.. one of my least favorite things about traveling is packing to go and packing to leave.. especially for ski/snowboarding trips.. pain in the butt .. but well worth it :)

  7. It is not to easy for families you know. Got to bring the kids, baby stuff, food and some home work. At last need a big luggage too. Not to mention go shopping when traveling add another bag ..hahah

  8. I hate packing!!! For some reason I always forget to pack socks. I end up having to buy more while on vacation. Now I have way more socks than a person would ever need at home. Just hope I can remember to bring them with me on the next trip. Thank you for the packing tips.

  9. Great tips and as a Norwegian with good experience of ski trips, I would say you're very right!

    Btw: Did not know you loved down hill skiing :-)

  10. This is one of the reasons I like best the summer holidays. The packing is always light and never have to worry about the weight of your luggage (excepting the case when you buy too many souvenirs :) ).

  11. Thanks for the tips. Packing is the worst especially for cold winter vacations when all of your clothes are way bigger than you want them to be.

  12. Good tips. It is advised to write a list before going for trips. The master list is meant to include everything you could possibly need for any and all trips.

  13. Throwing out items after purchase during trips can be dicey decision also. If you buy good quality costly products there, it is difficult to leave out.

    Rather carry some items of single time use so that whiling returning you can leave those and replace with new items. The same packaging problem is also being faced by traveler during maritime journey. Careful selection of baggage can relax you up to certain extent.

  14. I personally suggest, generally speaking, to start writing a checklist of all needed one week before departure. That is a very effective way to remember what to bring.

  15. Sandy, from a seasoned traveller like you these are, these are indeed valuable pointers that you share for the benefit of others.

    I know how difficult it is to live out of a suitcase when travelling and it is even worse when an important personal item or two have been missed out. It has happened to me a few times.

    Excellent and timely forewarning to people like me.

  16. Great tips! Thanks for the good information you've shared here. This is what travelers should know.


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