Sedona, Arizona

petroglyphshubby and ISedona Arizona lies about 2 hours north of Phoenix. It's known as "Red Rock Country". No wonder as you look around. There's much to see and do there. You can tour by car, rent a jeep (guided), walk, hike, bike and enjoy the history and archaeology in the area. The town itself is quaint, artsy and a bit pricey. Layer, layer, layer. It maybe warm in town; but even then there's a strong wind as you walk around. People will have shorts on; then pull out a heavy fleece 5 minutes later. Be prepared. Hubby and I are pretty bundled up and were still a bit cold. We took the famous Pink Jeep Tour, and in an open jeep it gets pretty cold. Petroglyph's have always fascinated me, so we opted for The Ancient Ruin Tour, though there are others to pick from. Each tour varies in cost and time. Believe we paid $70.00 a person for our pink jeep tour, which includes a knowledgeable tour guide. Though once you add a tip at the tours end, it's even more costly. Our tour was one of the shorter ones, between 2.5 land 3 hours.

beautiful red rock countrylooking up into the sun
Scenery is breathtaking. The area we toured was a 700 year old Sinaguan Cliff Dwelling. You hike a bit once the jeep get's you there so good supportive boots/shoes are necessary. If you're not the outdoor type, you might enjoy the shopping in town which includes lots of art galleries.

This is not an area to rush through, take your time and really experience it. Some of the hiking might be too difficult for families with small children so pick your activities carefully.
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  1. The scenery is breathtaking. I would love to go hiking, sadly, Hubster would not. I took a trip years ago to Arizona and got to do a little rock climbing while there. I LOVED it.

  2. We spent our honeymoon in Sedona. It is a beautiful place and I would love to go back!

  3. We would go there in a FLASH if it was possible.
    This is something we MUST experience.
    How gorgeous- what a feeling it must be to visit this awsome place.
    Do you really visit all these places?

  4. Arizona is a beautiful place to spend a vacation. I like the terrain, it is a second heaven for all trekkers. The sunset and greenery is really breathtaking.

  5. You have done so much, I'm really glad you love photographing and it's great you created this blog to share your adventures Sandy. I'm sure we are all grateful for your insights also at least I know I am..

  6. Tweedles, yes over time we've been to lots of places. I find being outdoors, being in nature hard to beat.


  7. That picture looks amazing of the cliffs. We were in Arizone and I just feel like that place is amazing and so much of it untouched that it reminds me of the beauty of the world.

  8. great pics. Id love to visit 'red rock' country I was a big fan of western movies and the back drops of those movies have made me want to travel there for a long time now.

  9. Sedona is truly a beautiful place. I'd love to get back for a visit there some day. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  10. I love your adventures...why you take the picture more detail? must be an amazing holiday for you...:)

  11. Sedona is a very nice place to go
    I have its HD video showing all the beauty of this place.
    This should be one of my destinations when I grow older and have much money for traveling later :)

  12. Oh my! Those craggy mountains, they remind so much from cowboy movies that I have seen.

    You must have had a great time there.

    Windy, my Blogpal, once told me a bit of what it is like in Arizona, He flew by airplane to from San Jose, California and then by road to Tucson City. I remember him describing the gigantic Cacti and that even though the weather is relatively hot it is not humid where ever he went in Arizona.


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