Phoenix, Arizona Marriott's Canyon Villas

diningroom and kitchenoutdoor play area
This is a picture heavy post.Canyon Villas (Marriott Time Shares) in Phoenix is a fabulous place to stay while vacationing in the Phoenix area. Inside and out the resort is wonderful. Yes, I did say timeshare; but they are also available to rent as you would a hotel room or condo. The first photo is the view from the dining room looking into the kitchen. If you rent the full villa (2bedroom), or the full 1 bedroom side you get the use of the living room, kitchen, and dining room. Quite spacious. The 2nd picture is one of the play area's at the resort, so you can tell this is a family friendly vacation spot.

efficiency side kitchen areaefficiency suite
This darling little kitchen area is the small side. If you rent what I call an efficiency you get dishes, bar size sink, microwave, campus size fridge, coffee pot etc. I really thought this cabinet was very pretty. The picture with bed is again the small side ... look at how much room you have. The small side has the kitchen area, sleeper sofa right lower corner of the picture, bathroom is to the right of the kitchen area, all have patio or balcony.
desert flowersdesert flowers
The grounds are very pretty with fabulous flowers everywhere, even among the desert rocks.

Waterfalls as you walk the grounds, as well as the large one in the pool area are both pretty and peaceful. Long shadows show you I photographed as dusk began to fall over the desert area. There's much to see and do in and around The Phoenix area. I've posted about many of them.

There's fine dining at The JW Marriott Resort nearby, if you don't want to cook all your meals in, as well as host of dining options at a nearby shopping area. Outdoor grills are also available for those who like us, like to grill out.

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  1. Oh they really were Montreal. And they had a wonderful scent too.

  2. We stayed here for 3 nights. Our balcony looked over the pool area. It had a nice waterfall feature. It was a bit cold to swim for my tastes, but it was nice to lay out on one of the many chairs they had there.

  3. I'm back, thought I would check and see if your comment thingy works now. I tried a comment earlier about the accommodations, but it didn't go through and now I forgot what it was so I'm just checking for next time.

  4. Thanks Jude for checking back and testing it out for me. Appreciate it.

  5. That looks like it would be a wonderful place to stay! So beautiful!

  6. great photos,thanks for taking me along via the photos.

  7. With the cold weather we're having now, I'd love to be there! The pool area looks so inviting.

    The whole scene makes me want to write...better go back to my blog!

  8. Looks pretty, i wish to spend my nest vacation there!

  9. It just as like my dream house! Good to visit this post.

  10. Now that's a very impressive place to stay in! Though the kitchen is small, I think it would still be perfect for a one week vacation for two. Btw, the bedroom looks lovely and the water falls too!

  11. Oh how lovely those flower blooms are. Are they desert plant flowers?

    That surely looks great accommodation that you lived in at Arizona Marriot’s Canyon Villas.

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