Urbana, Ohio

war memorial statue
As you probably know if you've spent much time here on my blog, I am rarely without my camera AND I consider all jaunts a form of travel, an opportunity to see, experience, and learn. So the other day making my way with my Dad to visit his 90 year old sister was no exception.

I've been taking photo's and scanning photo's to load into a digital frame for her. She's recouping from a stroke. I thought having something to look at, to help with the stories from way back...and things just to keep her company would be helpful. The above statue is one of the first things you see as you enter Urbana. This is round about with a flag proudly flying and this war memorial statue honoring those who've served.

Urbana is the county seat of Champaigne County, was layed out in 1805 (just 2 years after statehood for the state of Ohio), and for a short period in 1812 was the headquarters for The Northwestern Army.

Mad River historical PlaqueThis historical plaque is within walking distance of my elderly aunt's log cabin. Yes...I really did say log cabin. Her husband, my Uncle built it long ago. The plaque talks about the importance of the railroads in the development of this community and how Joseph Vance and John H. James were important and instrumental in it's development.
Governor VanceThis is Joseph Vance, the 13th Governor of The State of Ohio. He was an uneducated man, an Abolitionist and rose in the ranks due to hard work and service during The War of 1812.
John H. JamesThis is John H. James, an attorney and high official in the railroad business.

Simon Kenton famous Indian fighter is buried here in Urbana. He made his home here for awhile. Simon Kenton was a Brigadier General in the Ohio Militia and served during The War of 1812.

However, what Urbana is most known for is being the birthplace of Me, The Traveling Suitcase! You'll no doubt find that piece of historic data in all the history books. lol

It's a pretty little town with some fabulous old homes with grand porches. I've been traveling there with Dad at least once a week over the last couple of months; wish I had more time to explore; ...but that's not the purpose of our visit.

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  1. I must admit, I've been to Ohio once - in the mid-70s, my sister graduation from Antoich, and my mom and I went to see the ceremony! {:-D

  2. heellloo my fellow people!
    i am now apart of a select lacrosse team.
    [clap for me]
    our first tourney is going to be in ohio.
    i live in massachusetts.
    FARR HUH?!
    we are driving with my friends there, a good 7 hours.

    i was wondering, besides taking pictures and being crazy
    what can we do to pass the time? (: thanks!

  3. Good luck travel guy. There is much to see in Ohio; but you didn't say where in Ohio you were going to be?


  4. brinkka2011 says: Love your post . Really


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