Honoring those who served on Memorial Day

Here's Flat Stanley with a WWII Memorial of those who served from Upper Arlington. This memorial is near what was Upper Arlington High School, (now Jones Middle School); the former location of Camp Willis.

Please take some time this long holiday week-end to honor those who've served. Is there a memorial near you?

Join Flat Stanley and me as we honor these brave individuals:
Abernethy, Adair, Albanese, Allen, Andres, Andrus, Anstatett, Anthony, Armstrong, Aschinger, Ashby, Atkinson, Auld, AuMiller, Axene, Azbell, Babb, Bailey, Baker, Barklanoff, Baldwin, Baley, Bard, Barkman, Barnes, Barr, Barrcklow, Bass, Baynes, Bweightler, Bell, Berlin, Best, Betts, Biddle, Billman, Binder, Blackburn, Blackford, Boettcher, Boggs, Bohannan, Bohmer, Bolen, Brandt, Brannan, Berehm, Bright, Brooks, Brown, Bucher, Buck, Burbridge, Burkhart, Burton, Cameron Cammarn, Carn, Canning, Carruthers, Carver, Casto, Chamberlin, Chester, Childers, Clark, Collins, Connolly, Copper, Corson, Crane, Crockett, Culbertson, Cunningham, Curtin, Dabe, Dame, Dauben, Davidson, Davies, Davis, Deckhaard, DeMey, DeVere, DeWitt, Dittoe, Dix, Dodd, Dodge, Dowdy, Duncan, Dupler, Durrant, Ebright, Edgar, Edmonds, Edwards, Emerson, Emswiler, Evans, Faehner, Fallon, Fauber, Fay, Fenner, Ferguson, Fidler, Fitzgerald, Folk, Folkerth, Forsythe, Fowler, French, Frost, Fuller, Fusco, Gardiner, Gardner, Gerrard, Garvin, Gatsch, Gessinger, Geohagan, Gerlach, Gillespie, Graf, Grafe, Greegor, Green Griffith, Grinstead, Grossman, Gruesser, Gutches, Guthrie, Hager, Haines, Hall, Hamilton, Hamlin, Hammel, Harmon, Janton, Harris, Hartzler, Hayhurst, Hays, Heath, Heinzerling, Held, Henning, Herl, Hershberger, Hetsch, Hickey, Hoagland, Hodges, Houghton, Howe, Howson, Hudson, Huntington, Ingalls, Isaacs, Isaly, Jackson, Jaefer, Jarvis, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Junkerman, Kauffman, Kelley, Kelsey, Kennedy, Kepley, Kerschner, Khourie, Kibler, Kiefer, Kienle, Kioght, Kimes, Kimmel, King, Kionney, Kinsel, Kirk, Kirkwood, Knell, Knight, Knoderer, Knowlton, Konold, Kraft, Krause, Kutschbach, Lande, Landis, Lanich, Larrimer, Lee

That's a total of 204 names. As you can see, this is only the first half. The sun was bright the day Stanley and I were there and I couldn't read the sign. I need to go back and re-take the other portion. The 2nd photo wasn't readable I'm sorry to say.
This Vietnam Memorial honors the following for their service to their country:
Barnitz, Harlow, Joecken, Kohr, Oliver, Ritchie, Smith, Swensberger, Sherwood.

Is there a memorial near you? Please take the kids. Encourage them to draw our countries flag. Explain what the meaning of this long week-end is. Let them help you put up your flag.

Did you miss Stanley's previous Friday Adventures?

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  1. That is a wonderful picture for Memorial day. What a neat idea too, to put all those names up there.
    Hope you have a good day.

  2. Sandy,thank you for these photos.It is a Great way to honor those that have served.

  3. Nice tribute to those individuals! I'm not sure if we have any memorials like that around here but I intend to find out.

  4. I shared your post with the kids and let them know WHY we had the long Holiday. They want their own Flat Stanley to take with us on vacation, lol

  5. That would be cool for them to have their own Flat Stanley. Go to Flat Stanley.com and let them color one to take with you.


  6. that's a wonderful pic nice share its inspirational post.


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