Flat Stanley goes to Camp!

Ok, firstly let me say oophs, this post for Friday Fun with Flat Stanley was suppose to focus on Art, due to some technical difficulties that's not happening. Sorry folks, please though do check back next Friday June 4th when Stanley hopes to share some fun art with you. And remember click on all photo's to enlarge them.

Camp Willis locationThis is Flat Stanley in front of a Franklin County Historical Sign marking the location of Camp Willis. The sign indicates The National Guard was trained here in 1916 in order to go into service against Pancho Villa on The Mexican Boarder. Some 8,000 men trained here. Pancho Villa was a cold blooded killer, though loved by many. He had the reputation of a Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor; but he forced 18 American miners off a train and shot them in cold blood in 1916. He was ruthless many times over.

The men who trained here served under General Pershing. The camp was short lived and was dismantled in September of 1916. The need for this camp to train men interrupted the plan The Thompson brothers had for a "Garden Club Community". They had purchased land from Mr. Miller.
City of Upper ArlingtonThese historical markers are placed in a mall area in front of Jones (now middle school) High School. Upper Arlington is the birthplace of notables like Jack Nicklaus and Bev D'Angelo.
Upper Arlington 1941This fabulous old photo was published back in 1941, in The Norwester's publication was prior to Upper Arlington becoming a city. If you click to enlarge you'll see the high school, to the right where the arrow is you see the pool. Both exist to this day. The white oval in the bottom left marks where the current mall area is, the location of the historical markers noting the interruption in the planned community with the building of Camp Willis.

As always, Flat Stanley suggest word puzzles, maps, math, coloring activities to make these stories come alive. History is not dead, it is more then dates and facts of long ago, it is stories of people who lived, and loved their families just as we do. They made mistakes along the way, just as we do. Much of history teaches us what mistakes not to repeat. Remember some lessons from Upper Arlington's early history?

Til next time, Flat Stanley out.
Please check back for a Special Memorial Day with Flat Stanley and again on Friday June 4th for the Friday Fun with Flat Stanley Series.
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  1. History teaches us lessons. Therefore, we must learn from our past especially to evade from doing the mistakes done by others. We need not experience everything just to learn things in life.

  2. Testing again. Thanks folks for the emails about difficulty leaving comments. Some couldn't leave comments at all, others did and some got deleted. I've changed settings again. 3rd time in 2 days. Hope this takes care of the problem.
    Finger crossed.

  3. Well I will try to leave a comment and see if it works. That was a great post. It is always fun to hear about history. Those pictures are great.
    Have a great week end.

  4. great post and very educational... so far, am loving your blog already :D

  5. I am impressed by your travel blog, especially because it's the best blog spot or blogger example I've ever seen. You certainly have a relaxing feel and peaceful graphics to support that ambience. Thanks a lot. G.

  6. cute idea with Flat Stanley! No wondering if you actually were there! lol

  7. I found it pretty funny that you include flat stanley in your pictures, I am new here put I really enjoyed the spot keep it up!

  8. That sunset picture is breathtaking! thx!

  9. Hi, this is quite informative article despite you wanted to make it for Friday.
    Thanks for the interesting information. I bookmarked this blog and wait for nef journeys of the Flat Stanley!

  10. Very informative and great post. I impressed by your travel blog....thanks.


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