River Street, Savannah, Georgia

sailboat*remember to click to enlarge pictures
Historic River Street in Savannah Georgia is fun even on a cloudy, rainy day. You can walk the coastline of The Savannah River and enjoy watching the boats and ships come and go. You can see pleasure boats, cruise boats/ships, and cargo ships coming and going from this busy seaport. You can sign up for a fun filled Pirate Ship Tour. This is a particularly good activity for families, the small children love it.
blocked streetThis quaint slippery, steep cobblestone street is closed off. We're at the waters edge looking back up the hill.
steep cobblestone streetCan you begin to see how steep this hill is? How old and uneven the cobblestone is? I was glad I had tennis shoes on for walking; everyone we saw with sandals and less sturdy shoes was having a time of it. It had rained and these aged and very worn stones were treacherous.
narrow River StreetLooking down the row of old businesses, you can see how narrow the street is. Savannah you might know is one of the cities saved when Sherman's troops marched through Georgia. It was deemed to pretty to destroy, so the city has many historic streets, houses, and businesses. This would have been the original main street when the port was busy transporting cotton and other trade goods.
Budweiser TruckWe're on a bridge of the now main street looking down watching the old meet the new. This narrow, slippery cobblestone street and parking lot present quite a challenge for today's modern vehicles. Note the Budweiser truck and what little space he has to turn. Note the sawdust. He had made his deliveries and could not keep up the ramp due to the steepness and how slippery the roadbed was. They had quite a team working to get parked cars out of the way in case the truck flipped, slipped, and or needed more space. They had been working on this for over an hour we were told by other interested visitors.
Stuck Budweiser TruckThe 2nd truck driver is also watching closely, assuming he'll have the same trouble. Another reminder if you haven't already done so; click on these 2 truck pictures so you can see the situation.
We spent a couple of hours walking this area, stopped for lunch, hit a few shops. A fun way to spent time in Savannah. I do hope we're able to return for a longer visit. We had driven over from Hilton Head and the weather was getting bad, fog rollin in and we felt it best to get back. The road to and from is narrow and curvy; not the best place to be in the low country when the fog moves in.

Recommendations wear comfortable supportive shoes, if you have small children use a stroller; there's too much difficult walking for them. Do a child friendly activity like the Pirate's Cruise.
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  1. savannah look like a little quaint town where i can do R&R.... i have a feeling i will love this place.

  2. Savannah is a great town with tons of history. Those are great pictures. They have the same cobblestones in Charleston which is a wonderful city too. It is so wonderful that Savannah has kept their old buildings and street.
    Have a great day.

  3. I am going to Las Vegas on Friday for a soccer tournament, i have a whole suitcase of soccer stuff like uniforms, shoes, jackets, my soccer ball.

  4. By seeing photographs looks a very nice place. Think to visit at least ones.

  5. I am a lover of seeing good spot & think to visit this spot once. Nice photographs. Most likely the two trucks photo its really funny.

  6. Great place to visit savanna Georgia.The town is looking old but the photographs really interesting shows the beauty of the city

  7. Interesting post & beautiful photos which self explanatory to know the history of Georgia

  8. Savannah is a beautiful town looks from the photographs. Interesting information you share with us.

  9. Thats nice Alex, but what does soccer and Vegas have to do with Savannah, or Georgia. Did you even bother to read my post. Me thinks you just want a link. Do that again and I'll delete every comment you make. errrrrrrr

  10. I hope to visit Savannah one day. It seems like such a lovely place - unless you're driving Budweiser trucks it seems!

  11. Looks like a nice place. Your photos are great. Hilton Head is one of the best places I've ever visited!

  12. I was in Savannah many years ago, right after I had moved to Florida. It seemed so much more different than my previous trip when I was younger. I think the history was just more fascinating to me now.

  13. I was in Savannah many years ago, right after I had moved to Florida. It seemed so much more different than my previous trip when I was younger. I think the history was just more fascinating to me now.

    The first comment is the wrong url and not mine, sorry. Lauren from Ancient Digger and Friends Revolution.

  14. looks a very nice place. Think to visit at least ones.

  15. nice sharing bro!

    loving this :)

    your buddy,

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    Best regards


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