Shook Cemetery, Port Clinton Ohio

Shook Cemetery on East harbor Road, on the north side of St. Ft #163 about 1 mile East of Chrisy Chapel Road. This pretty little historic cemetery is in Ottowa County in Port Clinton. A quick scan of the cemetery shows stones dating back as far as 1830.
We didn't spend much time at this little cemetery as it was getting dusk, it was starting to rain and the mosquitoes were out in force. But a quick look indicates the little cemetery is well cared for which always makes me feel good. It was mowed, and some of the stones had been repaired. No doubt in previous years the cemetery suffered as do many historic cemetery from time, the elements, and sadly vandalism. Some stones are quite readable, some only partially, and some not at all. This stone honor John Bennett who was in 1842 and died in 1863. How nice he has a GAR star and flag to honor his service in the Civil War.
Harriett M. wife of Jacob Brown born in July of 1807 and died in September of 1852. She was born a few years after Ohio became a state and died before The Civil War at the age of 45.
A general view with stones around a large tree gives you a feel for the serenity.
Mary French's stone really isn't readable, but through some research and process of elimination I believe this is her stone. A transcription of the little cemetery was located on line and this seems to match.

I often like to walk through an old cemetery to see how different the names are, to see how old the dates are and to formulate a story in my mind. Sometimes I'm able to do some research and sometimes not. Many of the stones here belong to the Shook Family, and so one would assume this land was probably their farm. Perhaps this cemetery grew from a family burial ground to a local one. Christy Chapel road is close by, perhaps this was at one time connected to an area church.

Even though when we travel we are tourist, we are touring where others live....where people made their mark. I enjoy seeing a bit of the real world, the day to day even while on vacation. I highly recommend you all give it a try.
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  1. wow.... so much greenary, diff from those here.

  2. So many stories must be waiting to be told from those who passed so long before....

  3. Wow nice looking cemetery with a beautiful greenery i like it.
    Thanks for share with us.


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