Stanley at the Masonic Museum

Masonic MuseumMason's have a long history of doing good, of helping people through a variety of different charities. This building was built back in 1820 which makes it almost 200 years old. This lodge is the oldest continuous lodge in existence in the State of Ohio; and the oldest lodge building west of The Allegheny.
New England Lodge SingHere's another view of the blue door with New England style sign indicting it's New England Lodge #4 F & AM, and that it was chartered way way back in 1803. That's the same year Ohio became a state. F & AM means Free and Accepted Masons. Their logo is a square and compass. Masons have 2 million members here in the United States with a total of 5 million members across England, Scotland, and Ireland. They are a fraternal group.

Most of you have probably attended a parade where Shriners wore what might appear to be funny hats and rode around in fun little cars. There is much more to the organization than that. One of the biggest charities supported by Shriners is the 22 Shriners Hospital's across the US. All Shriners must first be a Mason, and after they move up earn the right to be a Shriner. Not all Masons are Shriners however.

The special Olympics is another worthy charity supported by The Masons.

Activities to help the kids remember what they learned here would be purchase a compass and small plastic square. They could make pictures using it to color. Most drug stores and office supply stores have these items pretty reasonably priced. Take paper and make and decorate a Shriners Hat.

Until next Friday July 2, Flat Stanley Out.

Remember if you've missed any of the outings you can catch up here:

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  1. Excellent post, I am regular visitor of this blog, keep on writing these great posts, and I will be a regular visitor for a long time.

  2. Very interesting post! My great uncle was a shriner and wore that funny red hat but I don't know if he was a Mason or not. Now I always think of the Dan Brown books when I hear about Masons.

  3. You are not just an adventurous traveler. You are also a good historian. :D

    Have a fun filled weekend! ^_^

  4. u've made me wanna read and google and know more

  5. Excellent post on travel and visiting places out of the mainstream. Personally I love to find hidden gems in places I visit.
    One recent discovery was in Colonial Williamsburg, VA. There is a Masonic Lodge in the historic town and if I remember right the sign said they received their charter in the 1760's. Very cool!
    Oh and to BeadedTail, yes your uncle was a Mason if he was a Shriner; for all Shiners are Masons, but not all Masons are Shriners.
    The only other fact I would interject is that although there are about 2 million Masons (and growing) in the US, the number in the UK is more like about 500K and another 1-2 million around the world.
    And I am a Freemason BTW.
    For some great info you can visit This site will dispel the silly myths and really outrageous information found on the web.

  6. This museum was established to bring to the Brethren and the visiting public the rich heritage of Masonic Artifacts and Collectibles that were created and produced to commemorate many special Masonic events. Lodge Dedications - Cornerstone Layings, Anniversaries, Officer Installations, State and National Conventions were all marked and remembered by these presentation pieces which were made in glass, china, porcelain, wood, metals, coins and medallions.

    They were given away or sold as fundraisers to those friends, family and brethren who were in attendance. These artifacts are truly symbolic of the perfection our forefathers strived to achieve in their daily lives.


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