Special 4th of July with Flat Stanley

I can think of no better way to celebrate our Nations Birthday, The 4th of July then to honor a True American Hero. You often hear of a football player, or a golfer as being heroic from announcers on TV. They are not brave or heroic and I really dislike the misuse of the word.

Flat Stanley found this broken unreadable gravestone. Thankfully The DAR have done research and determined this gravestone marks the final resting place for Israel Case. Israel Case is a true American Hero, he fought for our Independence and that's heroic.

We all love an extra day off work to spend time with family and friends, to have a picnic or cook out; but....let us remember, let us teach what the true meaning of the day is. Find time to take the kids to one cemetery near you, help them find a true American Hero to honor. Take a small flag with you so the kids can leave one on a grave for someone who so nobly served. Look for The DAR marker and see if you can find a Revolutionary War Veteran to so honor.

Israel Case was born on November 14, 1757 and died April 27, 1818; at the age of 60. That might sound old to your children, but since I'll turn 60 myself this November it doesn't seem old to me. Help them understand how old 60 is. Give them 60 pennies to put in piles of 10. Have them pull out pennies to represent their age. Understanding the relationship of the number will help them remember and relate a bit.

The Revolutionary War was 8 years long, from 1775-1783. Do the kids understand how old Israel was when the war began? Use your pennies again. He was born in Simsbury, Connecticut and is buried in Worthington, Ohio. Help the kids find both locations on the map. Ask them why they think he lived in Worthington, Ohio; so far from Connecticut? Discuss how the soldiers were given land for their service, how some opted to sell their land, while others traveled great distances to an unknown wilderness to make a new life for their families.

He served under Captain Jon Humphrey in McClellan's Regiment, was one of the original 38 proprietors of The Scioto Company, and appeared on The Franklin County Tax list in 1806, just 3 years after Ohio became a state.

Grab a map and crayons. Help the kids find the 13 original colonies:
New Hampshire
New Jersey
Rhode Island
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina

Help them draw a flag to color that has just 13 stars so they understand and remember those original 13. Have them count states on a current map so they can see the difference both in numbers and physical locations of the states in The United States of America.

Could I also suggest when you and the kids find your Rev. War Veteran that you mark on your calendar his birthday and or his date of death. When those date's roll around next year; take the kids again to leave a small flag for this person. I'm happy to help do a bit of research so they might learn something about the person's who's grave you find. Please leave his name, the name of the cemetery and location in a comment and I'll do my best to help obtain some personal information to make your American Hero come to life.

Happy Birthday America.

Be safe in your travels this holiday week-end. Until next Friday July 9th, Flat Stanley out.

If you missed any of Flat Stanleys previous adventures, no worries. You can catch up here:

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  1. Your best post so far! Great tips for the parents and kids to learn history, patriotism and national heroes. I like the illustration you suggested about understanding age by counting coins.

    Keep it up Sandy!


  2. Thanks June, appreciate your visit and kind words.


  3. Great tips! Happy 4th of July!!

  4. That is a super post and what a good idea to get the kids to draw the map etc. And to learn about the heroes. That was very good.
    Hope you have a great Fourth. Stay safe and take care.

  5. This was a very interesting post and I agree that we need to take time to thank God for those of the past who sacrificed all they had in order for us to have our freedoms. These were very good tips and I will have to remember to do this the next time our grandson comes to stay with us.

    Glad that hubby got to tee it up while you were gone. I played about 2 wks ago and did okay. It's been too hot to do just about anything, but I do love my golf game. Thanks for your continued support to my blog.

    Friends 4 Life!

  6. Wow! I loved the post! So interactive with the kids and parents. I love learning and teaching and this couldn't be more perfect for the 4th of July!

  7. Wow!! This is one of the best post i have read so far.

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  8. Agree with all the comments about what a good post this is. Keep it up.



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