Breckenridge, Colorado has a softer side

Breckenridge, Colorado has a softer side, one you might not know about. Yes it's known for skiing, and hiking, and camping, and fishing, and lots of outdoor activities. But, there is indeed a softer side, The Arts are alive and well in Breckenridge.

Take a walk down Main Street or The Riverwalk and you'll see lovely and interesting sculptures all along the way.

Tiki Crane Stance Sculpture
Tiki Crane Stance by Mark Mahorney, carved Beetle Kill Wood
Eye of the Needle Through The Eye of The Needle by Rik Sargent
Story TimeStory Time by Rosalind Cook located at 124 S. Main Street
Ullr, Snow GodUllr The Snow God by Richard Jagoda. The Scandinavian protector of all who participate in winter sports.
Girl FluteGirl Flute by Jane Rankin
3 Cowboys sculpture3 Cowboys "they all agreed, the trail is that way" by Stephen Hanson
Cowboy and HorseCowboy and his horse one view
Cowboy and HorseA second view surrounding by a lovely flower garden. I missed who's piece this is, sorry to say.
Clarity AssemblyClarity Assembly, Marble and Steel by Christophere Hecker
AthenaAthena 1st Violin/Lydia 1st Violin by Michael Adams.

After walking both Main Street and The Riverwalk enjoying the walk and the art; there's still more for you to enjoy. There's The Breckenridge Theatre, The Backstage Center, and The Riverwalk Performing Arts. Something going on all the time. I even got to take in an art festival, briefly as it began to rain; still though I truly enjoyed myself enjoying the softer side of Breckenridge.

***Jan from Animal Talk is on countdown now with surgery scheduled bright an early tomorrow am. She's running last minute errands today to be as ready as possible. I'll post update tomorrow after surgery, and do my best from there forward, until such time she has a life computer again....and or when she's able to sit up and communicate with you all herself. Send good vibs and prayers her way, please.

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  1. Wonderful sculptors!
    Great works of art! :D
    I am so much entertained with your photos. Have a perfectly nice day!

  2. Hey, this is Eric. Just visiting your blog for the first time. These sculptures are truly eye-catching and meaningful ! I am impressed by the photos and the other contents of your blog.

  3. Wow, those are really cool! Thanks for sharing your pics.
    Stopping by from the Aug Comment Challenge to say hello :)
    Have a great day!!

  4. You share some interesting topics here and I really enjoy them. I love the sculptures :) Great photos my friend :)

  5. gosh! i wanna visit this place too!

  6. Wow, those sculptures are beautiful. What a talent they have.

  7. There are really nice sculpture and I really like some of these sculptures very much.I have never seen such before.That cowboy and his horse looks amazing.

  8. What a magnificent work of art. It is really great to see wonderful creations. I always admire such artist, they have the gift to create wonderful art.


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