Girls Traveling in Breckenridge Colorado

First thing ladies traveling in Breckenridge want to do is get a facial and a pedicure. Pretty feet are fun, and well pretty!
pedicure pretty toesCan't show you a picture of the facial cause my eyes were closed. Aside from just plain feeling good, and pampering yourself girls; it's healthy. The air in Breckenridge is dry, DRY, very dry! There is no humidity which is comfortable, but a bit hard on your skin. You do need to use moisturizers even if you don't normally. Walk down Main Street and you'll find plenty of spa's for your comfort, and some accept walk-ins while others require appointments. Our appointments were scheduled for us by the hotel. Care to quess which toes are mine and which are my daughters?

hanging basket of flowersEverywhere you walk you'll see beautiful flowers, all kinds and more colors then you can count. The walkways, the flower boxes, the downtown, The Riverwalk. Truly gorgeous. Stop and enjoy them. The quaint town of Breckenridge is to be enjoyed and is truly more than "just" a ski town.

poppiesThese beautiful orange Poppies were so pretty they didn't look real to me. Not a house, apartment, condo, or shop is without beautiful flowers!

dream catcher earringsDon't forget to shop for your souvenirs. It's not one tacky t-shirt shop after another; there are some fabulous shops to buy handmade jewelry. Do take advantage of them. Prices seemed very good to me. Bought these fabulous green dream catcher earrings for my daughter. She LOVED them, greens her color.

Indian bead braceletHubby was at a convention the week before we vacationed in Breckenridge and therefore we didn't get to spend our 37th wedding anniversary together. As I admired this bracelet, I suggested it would be a good anniversary gift. lol I love it and wear it often.

pasta dish before firingWe girls found an awesome place to paint pottery while hubby was off playing golf. This is the outside of my pasta bowl before firing. I decided to make it funky so I wouldn't have to worry about straight lines and designs much. You might remember my first attempt at painting pottery was....well, left much to be desired. I felt like my first piece was a first grade level and here I was shooting for 4th or maybe 5th grade. lol Hey, you can't expect miracles right, but it would be a slight improvement.

Here you can see how the colors look after it was fired. Didn't want to pack it, so they packed and shipped for us.
Now darling daughter's got talent. We established that before, remember? She used pouf paints and free handed these fireflies. I think they're cute.
Look at her detail and colors! I've not seen her piece fired as it was shipped to her in STL. As much as we didn't recommend the shop we painted in while in St. Louis; we highly recommend this shop. Ready Paint Fire is located at 323 North Main Street, within walking distance of almost everywhere. Spend the afternoon there. The shop is clean, neat, organized, and quite professional. A wonderful selection. We really enjoyed ourselves and would most definitely return.

The list of things to see and do in Breckenridge is unending. Truly there is something for everyone from those who want to camp, hike, fish, canoe, to those who want to enjoy the scenery, to people traveling with dogs and pets, to those who love the arts. And I've not even yet touched on all the history that exists; but will in a later post.

*** 8-18-10 afternoon and pm---Jan from Animal Talk is on countdown now with surgery scheduled bright an early tomorrow am. She's running last minute errands today to be as ready as possible. I'll post update tomorrow after surgery, and do my best from there forward, until such time she has a live computer again....and or when she's able to sit up and communicate with you all herself. Send good vibs and prayers her way, please.

AS OF 1:00 PM same day as surgery
Surgery went well, she has metal plates, and 2 metal rods. Based on the testing done during surgery, there didn't appear to be any permanent nerve damage which is great news. Due to being nauseated, she was in recovery a bit longer then expected. When I left the hospital, she was sleeping and obviously in pain. Her husband, my brother and a good friend who's a nurse were with her. We'll go back later when's she's more rested and presumably awake. Do check back, I will update again later.

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  1. Thanks Sandy for visiting my blog and commenting! Also, it will be grat to hear updates on Jan!!! I will be following!

  2. Looks like you're having lots of fun in Breckenridge! Summer was always my favorite time to go up in the mountains since it's just so beautiful! Love your pottery pieces! I'll be thinking of Jan too!

  3. That looks like a great and pretty place to visit. We love the flowers and the pottery looks like great fun. I would like to be able to do that. We are sending good thoughts to Jan.Hope it all goes well for her.

  4. We love Colorado! It's a very dog friendly state, and the flowers and shops are always so different there. Must be the altitude! Or is that attitude? He hee!
    Hope Jan is doing well!

  5. Thank you for the updates about Jan. We will be checking back here often to keep track of her. Thank, Mistaya's M.O.M. Gail

  6. Hey, Sandy. Could you send Jan's addy to my email? She gave it to me once before, but I can't find it. I want to send her something after her surgery. My email is :lilspotteddog at yahoo dot com. then after you read this could you delete this comment so my email addy doesn't stay out there forever? Thanks a bunch!

  7. What a fun time y'all had; I'm envious! Yours are the outside feet, am I right?

  8. We grew up going to CO and Breckenridge almost every year ~ What a beautiful place it is indeed! Winter or summer!!

  9. lol, right you are Sandra.

    Thanks all for the good wishes for Jan. I'll be heading over to the hospital again later today and let her know you're all pulling for her. I know she appreciates it.

    Yes, everything about Breckenridge is great, we had a fabulous time.

  10. Wow Sandy! I love how your dish turned out. Maybe your daughter can send you a picture of hers and you can share later.

    Get well wishes for Jan.

  11. I think I might splurge on my first ever pedi while on vacation next week. Don't tell because I might chicken out.

    The pottery turned out really nice. Both of yours. The fireflies are really cute.

  12. The bracelet, i need that bracelet!
    Thank you for the update on Jan

  13. I was just checking for more updates on Jan,,,,

  14. You are doing great, keep it up, i am sure there are many followers of your blog.

  15. i love the firefly bowl. unique.

  16. This looks like a dream vacation spot to me! Spas, beautiful flowers, and good shopping ;)


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