International Order of Odd Fellows

I.O.O.F BuildingSee me, I'm by the tree, you know you can always click on the picture to make the picture bigger; and of course me too! Look just to the left of the tree once you click to make the picture bigger and you'll see Ark Lodge No 270, I.O.O.F. I've seen this cool old building almost all my life; but until recently didn't know what it was. I.O.O.F. stands for International Order of Odd Fellows. This is located at 67 East Dublin Granville Road in Worthington, Ohio.
Ark Lodge #270This old building has quite an interesting story for us. It was built back in 1856 and is the oldest standing school building in Worthington. This building is 156 years old! It was built after Ohio had become a state, and just 6 years before the start of The Civil War. Two classrooms were located on the first floor while The I.O.O.F. lodge occupied the 2nd floor. The Odd Fellows Fraternity was established in 1855. Such a strange name so I thought you might wonder how the group got it's name. In 17th century England it was "odd" to find people organized for the purpose of giving aid to those in need. Sad statement really, that those who did in fact give aid to their fellow man were considered to be an "odd fellow".

The first lodge was founded in Baltimore, Maryland in April of 1819 by Thomas Wildey and 4 members from the order in England. The Odd Fellows were the first National Fraternity to include both men and women. Rebakah Degree was established in September of 1851 based on teachings from The Bible and written by honorable Schuyler Colfax, who later served as Vice President of The United States (1868-1873) with President Ulysses S. Grant.
I'm pointing out a round plaque that rests to the left of the front door to this building, it indicates this is a Heritage Site for the city of Worthington.
The I.O.O.F. along with Rebekah lodges were the first to establish homes for it's senior members and orphans. I found this from the I.O.O.F. membership area:

A person that is 16-18 years or older who believes in a Supreme Being, Creator and Preserver of the Universe, and is faithful to their Country. Through support of projects in their local community, State/Providence or Nationally that improve or elevate the character of mankind.

Odd Fellowship Teaches

  • Wise and serious truths and opens up before its members opportunities for useful service.
  • Belief in a Supreme Being, the Creator and Preserver of the Universe.
  • The lesson of fraternity, that all are of one family and therefore brethren.
  • The importance of the principle of Friendship, Love and Truth.
  • The privilege and duty of individual sympathy, mutual assistance and every-day service to ones fellows.
  • That humanity was intended to be one harmonious structure.
  • That each individual is a unit in that God-made temple.
  • Its members how to stand on their own feet, yet walk in step with their neighbors.
  • The difference between right and wrong.
  • That it is more blessed to give than to receive.
Many of those character traits are ones I learned from my parents, how bout you?

I often wonder as I see these interesting old buildings with such fascinating stories if any of our buildings being built today will still be standing for someone 156 years later to wonder about it history?

What do you think?
Activities to do with children might be to build a house with blocks, draw and color a building. Talk about all the things a building could be used for.
I always suggest doing math with the numbers presented here, finding the location on a map.
Walk around your neighborhood (or ride bikes), ask the kids to point out the building they think is the oldest. Discuss what the kids think is old, what does old mean to them?

See you next Friday for another Fun Adventure on Friday August 27.

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*** 8-18-10 afternoon and pm---Jan from Animal Talk is on countdown now with surgery scheduled bright an early tomorrow am. She's running last minute errands today to be as ready as possible. I'll post update tomorrow after surgery, and do my best from there forward, until such time she has a live computer again....and or when she's able to sit up and communicate with you all herself. Send good vibs and prayers her way, please.

AS OF 1:00 PM same day as surgery 8-19th
Surgery went well, she has metal plates, and 2 metal rods. Based on the testing done during surgery, there didn't appear to be any permanent nerve damage which is great news. Due to being nauseated, she was in recovery a bit longer then expected. When I left the hospital, she was sleeping and obviously in pain. Her husband, my brother and a good friend who's a nurse were with her. We'll go back later when's she's more rested and presumably awake. Do check back, I will update again later.
------as of 4:30 when I was started to head back to hospital.
My brother suggested not going as she was completely out and would not be able to visit, and certainly we didn't want to wake her when she needs her rest. Will be going tomorrow am.

8-20 1 pm, Jan had a clear liquid diet and managed a pop sickle or two. Physical Therapy has been in the room hoping to get her up in a chair and do a bit of walking. She was up in chair briefly; but was too groggy to attempt walking and so went back to bed. The combination of pain meds and meds for continued nausea have snowed her. They plan to alter her meds to see if they can reach a level where she's comfortable enough to get up, and hopefully also contain the nausea. Please check back. I passed along the good wishes you've left for her and she was pleased to hear them.

8-21-10 9AM, the change in pain meds seem to be helping. She was able to get up and walk down the hall last night. Few more tests planned for a little later today, and pending how she does on those; could be released today. I'm floored she's improved that much, such exciting news. My brother is picking up a special lift chair (sorta like a recliner) to aid her at home.

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  1. I have wondered what the I.O.O.F. was all about for years, but I've never taken the time to find out. Thanks!

  2. I love learning something new everyday!

  3. Thanks FishHawk and Gloria. I love exploring and learning new things everyday as well.

  4. It's not so bad to be an odd fellow after all. And you really write very well to keep us hooked on these wonderful bits of information :)

  5. I love Flat Stanley! He's so smart and learns a lot on all his travels.

    I've always wondered what the Odd Fellows were about. It certainly sounds like a wonderful organization. Thanks for the education.

  6. I didn't know what the I.O.O.F. was either so I enjoyed this post!

    Thanks for the update on Jan. I continue to send get well wishes and hope she gets to feeling better soon! Those meds can certainly do a number on people but hopefully they can figure out how to curb her nausea.

  7. Oddfellows is still going strong here in the UK, but I never bothered to look up the history. It's funny how we just accept things without question. Thanks

    Thanks also for the update on Jan. Been wondering how she is doing? It's early days, but do hope the nausea soon passes. Please pass on my good wishes.
    Carolyn from Catachresis

  8. I just know about the odd pug club.
    I came to check on my Happy Clown,
    Thank you for the update

  9. we feel so bad for Jan
    Nausea and hurting and being miserable is the pitts!

  10. Sandy, thanks so much for the update. I'll continue to pray for her recovery. So thankful the surgery went well. I do hope the nausea passes quickly, as well as the pain.

  11. Thank you for the updates Sandy.
    We are keeping postive thoughts going to her.
    The wrong pain meds can cause KAOS.
    The right pain meds can be a life saver.
    I hope all the tests turn our okay and she will soon be home recovering.
    Thank you again,,, you are so kind.

  12. That was great info on the I.O.O.F and the buildings too. We love seeing Stanley. It is fun to learn all this different stuff.
    Good updates on Jan. Hope she is still doing better.
    Have a great day.

  13. Flat Stanley Rules! I had a wonder woman I took on an adventure with me for a while. Now I've switched to a giant monkey pillow :)

  14. Very nice house, it is very old, but very comfortable surroundings.


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