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Gwynne Street DuplexThis house is old. Really old, look how narrow the door on the right is. Look at the window, the little pointed one on the very top. See the coal shoot to the left of the steps by the door? These things are give you a feel for how old the building is. I believe it predates 1900. This is located on Gwynne Street in Urbana Ohio. Gwynne is a name that comes up multiple times when one looks at older historical data regarding Urbana Ohio. On a recent trip to check on my 90 year old, my Dad I decided to go by 2 addresses where he and Mom lived long ago. When they were first married. We didn't stop here, I took this photo out the car window. I'd like to find out more about the house, it's structure. I can share it's on the corner of Russell and Gwynne. To the left facing it used to be a grocery store and above it a couple my folks had dinner with once. Dad re-canted a story about being served squirrel. We both got a good laugh out of that. This excursion was brief and we combined it with the business at hand; but this certainly proves my point that ALL Travel is an or can be an adventure if you make it so.
1056 North Main Street HouseThis little house in the process of being painted is across the street from a Dairy Queen on North Main Street and is the 2nd location where my parents lived. This was their 1st house. The other locations were either rooms, apartments or duplex's like in the above picture. I found a note in the old family album that had this actual address and so we scouted it out. The lot next door (to the left as you face the house) is empty; though Daddy remembers there being a house there when they lived there. You can still see where the drive was; so apparently the house was torn down. This little house looks like it's getting a face lift. It's a small 2 bedroom 996 square foot house with an attic.
North Main Street Urbana OhioSee the 2 small attic windows? In my growing up years Mom and Dad used to tell a story about bats being in the house. This was in fact the house. The story went on, they opened the windows in hopes the bats would leave. When they didn't Daddy attempted to chase them out with a broom, when he did he followed them outside running with the broom and fell. Apparently, everyone got a good laugh out of that at the time. The little house hasn't changed much, except maybe a large tree is gone. My research tells me this little house was built in 1900, and has changed hands many times. It was fun to see where they began their married life together all those years ago. The Dairy Queen they ate at, is still across the street. How cool is that!

Make your travels adventuresome, stop and see and enjoy the sites; no matter how small they seem. I was born in this little town so learning more about it has been a plus.

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*** 8-18-10 afternoon and pm---Jan from Animal Talk is on countdown now with surgery scheduled bright an early tomorrow am. She's running last minute errands today to be as ready as possible. I'll post update tomorrow after surgery, and do my best from there forward, until such time she has a live computer again....and or when she's able to sit up and communicate with you all herself. Send good vibs and prayers her way, please.

AS OF 1:00 PM same day as surgery 8-19th
Surgery went well, she has metal plates, and 2 metal rods. Based on the testing done during surgery, there didn't appear to be any permanent nerve damage which is great news. Due to being nauseated, she was in recovery a bit longer then expected. When I left the hospital, she was sleeping and obviously in pain. Her husband, my brother and a good friend who's a nurse were with her. We'll go back later when's she's more rested and presumably awake. Do check back, I will update again later.
------as of 4:30 when I was started to head back to hospital.
My brother suggested not going as she was completely out and would not be able to visit, and certainly we didn't want to wake her when she needs her rest. Will be going tomorrow am.

8-20 1 pm, Jan had a clear liquid diet and managed a pop sickle or two. Physical Therapy has been in the room hoping to get her up in a chair and do a bit of walking. She was up in chair briefly; but was too groggy to attempt walking and so went back to bed. The combination of pain meds and meds for continued nausea have snowed her. They plan to alter her meds to see if they can reach a level where she's comfortable enough to get up, and hopefully also contain the nausea. Please check back. I passed along the good wishes you've left for her and she was pleased to hear them.

8-21-10 9AM, the change in pain meds seem to be helping. She was able to get up and walk down the hall last night. Few more tests planned for a little later today, and pending how she does on those; could be released today. I'm floored she's improved that much, such exciting news. My brother is picking up a special lift chair (sorta like a recliner) to aid her at home.

She's home! jan went home mid to late afternoon on Sat Aug 21, yesterday.
She's happy to be home, is to limit her movement, the nausea is gone. I checked with my brother twice and things seem to be going well. Check back!

Last update, I spoke with my brother once yesterday and also later with her. She's doing much better. She's allowed to go up and down the steps just once a day so is camped out in the family/room right by the kitchen with a nice big window to see outdoors. The 3 dogs are thrilled to have her home. She sat outside for a few minutes later in the day which made her happy. She's requiring less pain meds which is a good.
Spoke with her again this am and she slept better last night.


  1. Older home are fun to visit! Would love to see the inside of the one I grew up in again. Thanks for the updates on Jan. Good to hear she is home!

  2. I love looking at things like this and getting the history from my older living relatives. This post makes me think of my great grandfather, who lived in an old southern Indiana home which also had an ice cream parlor across the street! Great pictures.

    Saved By Love Creations

  3. Those old homes have personality.
    My mom is over 100 years old. Its an old farm home, and it has lots of stories to talk about.

    Thank you again for the update on my happy clown. I am glad she is home. Now she can at least sleep in her own house without being bothered. Hospitals are so noisy.
    Vet clinics are too. I would rather be home.

  4. It's fun to see places from our past like these homes are for your family. Interesting about the DQ since my husband and I first met at a DQ where I worked for one day - I couldn't make the curly Q on top of the cone even after many, many, many tries!

    So glad Jan is home and doing better!

  5. Yes, traveling can be so much fun, specially when you either try to really get to know the places you pass by or make up stories about them :)

  6. Looking at older homes has always been so much inspiration. They have so much history, and when you find those personal stories, it makes it so much better.

  7. Sandy, thank you so much for keeping us updated as to Jan's progress. I'm so glad she's home! I look forward to hearing more...

  8. Stories from older family member and relatives are always fun to know. :)

  9. I cannot agree with the title of this blog post more! And it is nice to look back on old memories and see how drastically things have changed over the years

  10. It's good to go back to the old stomping grounds and see how they have changed. I would like to go back to Pensacola, Fl and see how the old neighborhood looks and see if the What a Burger is still standing. The good old days! I remember them well. Thanks!

    Happy to hear all is well with Jan and her surgery. Keep us posted!

    Friends 4 Life!

  11. When I was still in school, we were required to visit some old houses/museums in some of our school subjects. After joining the rat race, I had little time for those things anymore. Now that I'm just a SAHWM, my hubby will just surprise us with a weekend trip to some historical places - which gives me an idea! I might post a few pics of it in my blog. Regards Sandy!

  12. Hi! This is my first visit to your blog - it's great! I loved seeing the photo of the home that your parent lived in. How neat that the dairy queen is still there, across the street!
    I think it's amazing to go look at my old stomping ground and see how it's changed. And to see all the houses our parents and grandparents lived in. Nowadays people move around so much...
    Great blog!

  13. This is an interesting post to read about your parent's old house and new house.Both looks nice.I also enjoy sites in my traveling and take photographs.In this ways a trips can be more exciting.

  14. This is great information to know and I will be using what I learned on my trip back to my birth place Colorado next month. The information is straight to the point and easy to understand. Thanks!


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