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Maddie and AnnabelleSouthwest Airlines is always my first choice for flying, and luckily it goes to most of the locations I've traveled. There are many pluses to choose Southwest over other airlines, in my opinion. Southwest has good rates, excellent customer service, is the only airlines not charging for luggage, you can earn free tickets, you can if necessary change your plans and not be penalized for changing your ticket, your flight if not used is good for one full year, they donate to Ronald McDonald Charities, they have an earlybird check in program for only $10.00 on line, AND they have the P.A.W.S. program where you can bring your pet with you.

Things you need to know about flying with your pets:

You do need to reserve a spot for your pet, by calling 1-800-1-FLY-SWA. You can NOT make your pet reservation on line. The cost is $75.00, and once made needs to be picked up in person at the ticket counter.
Your pets does not earn reward points
You do not get a refund if you decide not to travel with your pet
There's generally a limit of 5 pets per flight (there are sometimes alterations to this)
Only 1 pet may travel with you
Your pet must be a small (cat or dog) that fits into a small carrier. The pet must be able to stand up and turn around in the carrier.
The carrier must fit under the seat
Pets can not travel in the cargo area, they can only travel with you in the carrier under the seat
No minors may travel with a pet solo
Pet carriers do count as a carry on bag
Carriers can be hard or soft sided, must be well ventilated, and leak proof
At no time during the flight may the pet be removed from the carrier, not before, or during. Not while in line at the gate. The ONLY brief time the pet may be held is when you go through the security
ASSISTANCE DOGS do not count as a carry on bag
Airports do one at least 1 area where your pet can go potty; but no flight or seat will be held while this takes place. The program P.A.W.S. stands for Pets Are Welcome on Southwest.

I've earned a free ticket, though I've not used it; so has hubby. Our daughter's earned several.

I'd also like to add the only airlines where the staff seems to enjoy their jobs is Southwest. They always dress for the holidays, decorate the gate area and or counter. So, whenever possible I fly Southwest.
(Above dogs are Maddie and Annabelle, they belong to my SIL. I think they would be too large to fly from the carriers I've seen). I checked with Jan and they each weight 17 pounds. She and I discussed whether they would fit in a carrier be able to stand up and turn around etc. It would be iffy, we think.

Jan update as of 8:30 ish Tues 24th, she tried to go a day without pain med; except for taking it before bed. She was in pain and wonders if that wasn't such a good idea after all. She had trouble trying to get comfortable last night and didn't sleep well. Sounds like she might have done too much yesterday; so hopefully will take it a bit easier today. Her follow up with the Doctor is Sept 1. Her computer is fixed; though she may not still be using it. Sitting is painful, so she moves around a bit and lays back down/or sorta in a recliner. She appreciates the good wishes, and the prayers.

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  1. I have never traveled with a pet, but this is very useful in case I ever do. Thanks! Hi to Jan, and prayers for recovery!

  2. Hi Sandy,

    Thanks for letting me know about the post being duplicated. I also reported the issue to Entrecard but I haven't received any reply. I have installed a plugin called WP-PreventCopyBlogs so that this can be avoided. This plugin disables the right click feature so that your post or images won't be copied.

    Take care!

  3. I like Southwest airlines too and think it's great they let pets travel in the cabin. Of course Sadie is a tad too big to carry on so she'll never be on a plane since I won't put her in baggage.

    Thanks for the update on Sandy! Hope the pain starts going away! Sending her lots of purrs and well wishes still!

  4. I hear everyone say good things about SOUTHWEST.
    They sound like they are the friendliest for pets.

    Thank you for the update on Jan.
    We had a feeling she may be hurting. I am sending het bubbles to make her smile

  5. Have never taken a pet on a plane. Taking Austin to the vet is enough trauma to deal with lol.

    Thanks for the update on Jan. Tell her that patience is not one of the seven deadly sins, she's allowed to manifest it :>) Glad all is going well. Prayers are still upgoing ♥

  6. Thanks Praline for letting me know of your solution to the copy problem, don't have that ability here, I don't think. Must check

    Thanks Gloria, Beaded, Tweedles and Carolyn for your good wishes regarding Jan. I will continue to pass them along. I know she appreciates them. Glad too you found the information helpful about flying with your furry friends on SW.

  7. This is such good news for pet lovers who also love to travel :)

  8. Thats great. For most ppl pets are like your kids. You dont leave your kids behind you travel with them and enjoy.

  9. Because of the some companies now Its possible to travel with pet

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