Traveling Tips on Thursday

Mader street signThere are many traveling tips, this however is the first in what will be a series for you. I've very cleverly titled these tips..."Traveling Tips on Thursday". Now let me explain. It's not just on Thursday you want to practice these traveling tips; but it is Thursday you want to be sure and swing by to learn what they are.

That's me behind those cool shades leaning against the street sign. Why you might wonder am I leaning again the sign post? It says "Mader" Dr. You see that's my maiden name. This sign post was spotted in Bucyrus, Ohio as I traveled with my sisters to Port Clinton for a girls weekend.

So, what's my first tip for you all when traveling? KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN, and PAY ATTENTION. And once you do see something, take the time and stop. It's often the journey and not just the destination that makes for lasting memories.

I've done some family genealogy and knew there were Mader's living in this town; though I didn't know we had a street named for us. Note to self, do more research and find out the who, what, when, where, and why of this sign.

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  1. hi Sandy! Is it you in this picture? Anyway, you can get the scrolling widget at the FBC site! That's where I got it! Cheers.

  2. What a great photo to have with the Mader sign! A traveling tip day sounds wonderful too!

  3. Oh, so finally I saw the (picture of the) lady behind the blog. Seems like you're enjoying the trip. Your smile shows so.

  4. Sandy,that was nice that you found a street sign that is your maiden name.I do not think I have ever run across a street named Golch.

  5. Yep bigdaddy, that's me in the picture. Thanks for the info on the FBC, appreciate it.

    Thanks beaded always nice to see you here.

    Gee, right, not too many pictures of me here, I'm always the one with the camera; though there are a few.

    Mike, you never know....keep your eyes open; where's your family from, do you know?

  6. i sooo agree - it's the journey and not the destination

  7. how cool to have your name on a street sign! good tip not just for traveling but in anything we do.

  8. That's a nice photo! You know, I really thought you are a big woman. Sorry about that, but it's just that it is what I saw in your profile pic or perhaps it's just my guess. Now I knew you are slim! But of course big or slim, you are pretty! Thanks for sharing! And thanks for dropping-by. :)

  9. Cacai, thanks for the compliment. lol, maybe I need to add a new profile picture. I was in the car and hubby was in the seat behind. I was leaning back and her was leaning forward in order for someone to snap the photo. lol

  10. We do this and often find lovely little places and never actually make it to our original destination,lol.
    maggie at expat brazil


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