Camping in Style

Resting after hiking a trail in The Great Smokies, hubby and I posed for a photo shoot. The hike down was hectic and dangerous. See those dark clouds above us, well they cut loose and one really doesn't want to be up high on a ridge with lightening and thunder. We hurried making our way down, but at the same time had to careful with the wet slippery trail when the skies let loose. I was really glad we had purchased good Camping Gear. Good hiking boots kept me sure footed so much more then a pair of sandals or tennis shoes would have in those conditions. When the wind kicked up and it got cold, I was able to quickly zip on the bottoms of my pants.
Having Quality Camping Equipment makes or breaks a camping excursion. Though this picture shows a bright sunny pretty day, the night before was something else entirely. We were camping out in Rocky Mountain National Park. We were dry and secure while others around us weren't so lucky. Some tents blew badly in the winds, some tent poles snapped making the tent collapse. Our Dome style tent with vestibule kept us safe, warm, and dry.
It's important to have the right equipment for the journey. Tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, air mattresses, stoves, lanterns, heaters, fuel, water bottles and purification systems needed for hiking, camping, fishing, and climbing can all be obtained though Camping Gear Outlet. When you have the right kind of quality equipment you really can enjoy the journey, you feel safe, you feel secure, you truly feel protected. Communing with Mother Nature is a wonderful way to de-stress in our overly busy lives.

Doesn't matter if you're going for a night or going for a week in the back country, you want and need quality equipment and tools to make your journey interesting, fun, and rewarding. And let's not forget clothes, yes even the right clothes can make a difference in your comfort. Outdoor clothing needs to be comfortable, strong and durable while also being purposeful. Don't over look the importance of food and the right tools and equipment to prepare it either. You don't have to be Eulle Gibbons and stalk The Wild Asparagus, you can eat pretty well if you plan ahead and purchase the right camping equipment for cooking a good hearty and healthy meal.
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  1. Glad you made it and had the right equipment. I am not big on camping. I like my indoor plumbing.
    Have a great Labor day.

  2. Glad you were okay in those situations! Camping sounds like fun and I know S'mores around the campfire are yummy but I am just not cut out to be a camper. We'd go visit friends that were camping in RMNP but then head back down the mountain to our home in Loveland to sleep in our own bed!

  3. Wow, sounds like an amazing trip! I'm so glad that you had the right gear - I'm not a big camping expert but I'm sure it makes a big difference!

  4. What an adventure! I love those moments! They make great memories!

    I came over from Kayla's site (Berryvox) and I'm glad I did. I like the look of your site, and my wife Gail and I enjoy similar adventuring. I'll be back.

  5. I am always ready for the next adventure! Thanks for sharing yours.

  6. That sounds like a wonderful way to get in tune with nature. The dome tents are so much easier to put up! I remember my mom and dad struggling to get the tent up when we were kids. It was canvas and so heavy. I loved the smell though.

  7. i wanna do that too, seems like fun!

  8. Good thing you were okay, it really pays to have strong and durable camping equipment. Saves you from a lot of trouble. So from now on, I'll really make sure to just buy reliable and affordable things, maybe I'll even try out the brand you mentioned. It really seems cool!


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