Historic Breckenridge, Colorado

St. John's ChurchSuch a pretty little yellow church with a red door. Not a color combination you see everyday. Look how narrow the windows are, look closer (remember you can always click to enlarge pictures) and you'll see original leaded windows. This quaint little church is old. It's located at 100 North French Street in Breckenridge, Colorado. Walking around to explore I was taken in my this cute little building. Looking futher I've learned it was built way back in 1887. It's served the community is several capacities; which is often is the case histrically with churches. It was more then a church, it was a place people could come together.
historic churchGiving you a side videw. The Original building is the part you see in front, while the back portion is the addition. This church was moved from just across the street when they needed to enlarge it. It's been several different denominations from Episcopal to Baptist. This building was the first in Breckenridge to install electric lights back in 1891.
historic signWhile the sign is a bit hard to read, you can tell it's listed on The National Register of Historic Places. Old, small and quaint perhaps; but it's still serving the community. It's not just a building to look on and consider it's place in history, it is a busy and thriving church in modern times.
St. Mary's churchA stone's throw away from the cute yellow church is this impressive Catholic Church, St. Mary's. This historic church was built in 1881 and is therefore a bit older than the previous church. The Bedll and Belfrey was added in 1899 and is original. A nice courtyard, pretty flower bed surround the church. They've added on a modern addition to the left of this which is really disappointing, as it looks modern and frankly out of place. I wanted to get pictures of the inside when I saw the door opened; but as I approached realized a wedding was taking place.
hstoric signIt also is listed on The National Register of Historic Places. My daughter attended Mass here on Sunday and said it was held in the new addition which was disappointing, as she too hope to see the inside of the historic chapel.
historic churchAnother view of the quaint historic church. When you travel, go off the beaten path. Churches have historical been the center of communities, see what you see and learn.
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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I've always wanted to visit Colorado!

    Here from Follow Me Back Tuesday to return your follow & wish you a great week!

  2. Colorado is my dream place....I hope I will visit there and reading this post I am more interested to to go there.


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