More than a school yard with Flat Stanley and Flat Joe

wolf sculptureThis wolf sculpture came all the way from Bozeman, Montana at the request of Ron Hirschi. It sits in the school yard at Wickliffe Elementary School in Upper Arlington, Ohio. Besides being a fabulous piece of art it has quite a history. It was requested by Ron Hirschi, a author of Childrens Books. He's a naturalist and teaches kids about the importance of saving the enviornment. His book, "When The Wolves Return talks about the importance of this animal in nature. He spent lots of time at Wickliffe helping students with writing, inspiring them to take care of the planet. There were fishing trips, walks in the woods as well. Flat Stanley enjoyed telling Flat Joe all about the Wolf, and Ron Hirschi.
peace poleWalking around to the front of the building Flat Stanley told Joe all about Peace Poles. This one has English, sign language on 2 sides and Japanese and Chinese on the other sides.
peace poleMay Peace Prevail on Earth. Joe climbed to the top of the pole for a really good look, so you may need to click to enlarge it enough to see him.
plaqueThe plaque indicates this pole was commemorated in April of 1991, the end of The Gulf War. When the pole was placed children sang songs about peace. Sadly, that peace has been interrupted.
stone memorialIn the garden beside the Wolf is this memorial to Will Powers. Will loved nature and enjoyed Ron Hirschi's visits. He lost his life riding his bike home from school. Both Flat Stanley and Flat Joe wanted to pause and honor this young man.

Go to the library or book store and get one of Ron Hirschi's books.
Draw, color, or sculpt with clay one of the animals from his book.
Plot on the map Bozeman, Montana and Upper Arlington, Ohio.
Discuss how animals balance nature.
Do math with the numbers/miles from the maps
Make a word puzzle with new words from the book.
Discuss what the Gulf War was about.
Make your own peace pole
*No one likes to think of a child loosing his or her life; but it does happen. Discuss bike safety with your children, it's important.
**Look around your schoolyard, are there plaques, statures? Do you know what they mean, what the story is behind them? Many school yards have things to teach us.

See you Oct 1st when Flat Stanley and Flat Joe have a special on playing and having fun for you. Don't miss it, you see FLat Joe will be packing his bag and moving on to another interesting location.
Have you missed previous adventures with Flat Stanley, you can catch up, CLICK HERE
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  1. our schools here are not as interesting and interactive as your's :(

  2. There is an interesting to read that history behind Wolf sculpture.I also came to know about that peace pole.I would like to try those activities.

  3. Flat Stanley has a caring heart,,, I can tell..
    And he is a very good teacher.

  4. Peace Pole are interesting, I've seen them in lots of places.

    Flat Stanley likes to learn and pass along what he learns, Tweedles, thanks

  5. I love how the sculpture was made by a childrens novelist and also place in a school. It is people like this that we are needing more of in the world. Children really need to be engaged more and allowed to fully experience education and different areas of life. School in our area do a great job of stifiling that at an early age, which is a great pity.

  6. I feel really bad for that kid who died while returning to his home...I had a close experience and I just want to express my respect to the family.

  7. Wow that really is amazing to see in a school yard


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